Episode 43 What Should I Pay For Marketing

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Hi, I’m Robert Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief Creative, amazing ideas, stunning digital marketing calm. Today I want to discuss a topic that matters when people question all the time. Why should I pay for marketing help? The first thing I’d say is that in my agency, I never charge by the hour, I charge per day, on a per project basis. You’re paying for my expertise, my agency’s expertise and the track record we bring to the table. For under 60, do you need to pay for going to print marketing? What just to get you what you pay for cheap? This is something I think I want you to think about and ponder. Let me give you an example. I had a real estate agent selling million dollar homes. And all he wanted to spend on LinkedIn help was 200 bucks. I actually said no. You might ask me, why did you say no? First of all, we should pay my agency for what it’s worth, I should have won way more than I was prepared to do for $200, you probably would have wanted to move. Secondly, these types of clients do not recognize the expertise except the wrong, they want to make money. But they don’t want to pay to make that money. I really think these types of people need to think about what they were getting. And frankly, my agency would rather a partnership, not a dictatorship. The biggest problem usually is trust of one, the fact they do not see value, what they were getting, they only see the value in what you’re selling. But how do you get to the selling point, without seeing value in what you’re getting? That is beyond me. The problem is they have tunnel vision. And they do not see anything except what they want to see. In today’s business environment. You need to be open minded and realize what you really get what you pay for. The other thing they need to remember is that they are an expert in their field. And they are hiring a marketing expert who’s an expert in theirs. If the business owner does not want to pay, then they should hire a student, or an unpaid intern as my friend Todd Jones. But they also need to remember that this will not be the same level of experiences if you hire an agency with a proven track record, or a freelancer with a proven record or anybody else with a proven record. Remember, folks, you get what you pay for. You really need to think about the results and what you want. And I want to go into a little segue here that’s off script. And now the show notes. You also want to take advice from people know what they’re talking about. So in many family businesses, and I’ve worked for them, they take advice from consensus from family members who are just there for moral support. They have nothing vested in the business, they have no clue what the business is doing. They have no clue how to market it, but they’re all experts on marketing. These are the wrong people to be taken advice. I know they’re your family and they love you. But frankly, that doesn’t make for good business success. So think about that, too. When you’re deciding on a marketer or any other expert. Please take time to think about all this and get your head wrapped around this very issue. In the next episode of the SDM business, marketing WordPress show, I talked about how you determine your marketing budget, what it should be and what you consider as part of that budget. The results will surprise you. Until next time, take care and I love you

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