Show Notes

Hi All. Rob Cairns here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at . Today I am going to talk about the software stack the runs my agencies business. I hope some of these things give you some ideas on how you can run your business better.

Before we get going, it is worth noting that I am not into the shiny tool syndrome. I do not change tools lightly. I actually look at many tools and keep coming back to the same ones over and over.

Let us dive in and see what tools uses.

Email – One of the most used tools. We use Gsuite which allows Google to host our domain branded email. Along with email Gsuite also hosts our calendar. Gsuite has the best email spam filters around and this makes it our answer to email.

Appointment Booking – We have tried many systems and we keep settling on Appointlet. Love it. Easy to setup and easy to use.

Conferencing – Until a couple of years ago we used Skype. Skype is so yesterday. Now it is Zoom and all Zoom. Easy for us – easy for the person joining the call.

For Web Development – We are a WordPress development shop.

Web Hosting – Siteground all the way. I have long done with cheap hosts.

Domain Registration – Namescheap all the way.

Notice with Web Hosting and Domain Registration there is no EIG Companies, 1and1 or Godaddy. Experience tells me they should never be used.

For Multiple Website Management – MainWP.

For Project Management – Clickup.  I have tried multiple project management platforms including Notion, Trello and more.

Our CRM – Hubspot. We actually at one time a year ago moved away from it then moved right back to it. It is the best one for our needs.

Communication – Beyond conference calls and email nothing. We do not use Teams or Slack. This is just one more rabbit hole I did not want to go down.

Accounting – Wave Apps. We were using Quickbooks under the partner program. They actually called me and gave me a hard time over the fact they made me a partner. My accountant does not mind Wave Apps so I switched,

For Email Marketing – Mailerlite for us but we support all platforms for clients.

Operating System – We are a Windows Shop.

For Video Editing – Davinci Resolve

For Audio Editing – Audacity..

For Graphics – Canva, Affinity and Pixlr.

For General Documents Editing – Google Docs and Office 365.

For Cloud storage – One Drive, Google Drive and Wasabi.

For Note Taking – Microsoft Onenote.

For Hotkey text snippets – Phrase Express.

For Podcast Hosting – We always record locally then upload.

For doing automatic transcripts from Audio –

For Recording quick client videos – Loom.

I hope this helps give you some ideas. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know.

I love you all.