Episode 194: Email Tip To Save You Time

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In this solo episode Rob Cairns talks about a big email tip to save you time.

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  1. What is the big tip?
  2. How to use this tip?
  3. How to manage customers using this tip

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Hey everybody, Rob here again.

In today’s Clip podcast, I wanted to give you a tip that could save you endless amounts of time during your business day.

One of the problems that we have is we’ve all become a slave to our email accounts and we.

All get it.

Somebody sent you an email.

They don’t get a response within a couple minutes, they pick up the phone or send you a text and say, did you get my email yet?

And really, this is a bit.

Of a problem because.

Personally, I think email has its uses and that’s communicating, but we need to realize just because everybody has a smartphone in their pocket and access to a computer or tablet, that doesn’t mean you have to be saved through your email.

And I try and impress this upon friends.

Family, especially and clients even more so that.

I typically, as a rule only check my email.

Three or four times a day and let me give you kind of how I do it.

I checked my email in the morning when I start my business day.

I checked my email around lunchtime, I usually checked it mid afternoon and sometimes we ended a day or evening.

That’s it.

I am not a slave.

To my email.

And that’s I’m specifically looking for something.

And then I’ll.

Go look for it.

The problem is every time you stop a task and start a new task, you lose 5 minutes on each side of that task.

So checking your email, say 5 or 10 times a day actually costs you more lost productivity because you gotta think about where you were at in the previous task.

Why you switched into your email and then how you got back to your previous task.

So my tip is check your email three or four times a day on this game.

Inform your clients that if they really need to get ahold of you to pick up the phone and call you and don’t worry about being a slave to your email waiting for that email.

That might come if it’s gonna come, it will come and then you can schedule it appropriately.

Emergency we dealt with.

By more immediate matter, and that’s a phone call.

So try that out limit.

The amount of time you check your email during the day and during that day you check it.

You respond you answer.

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