Episode 434: Why Not To Use LinkTree

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Rob Cairns talks about why not to use Linktree.

Show Highlights:

  • Why not to use LInktree.
  • You can build kink sites using WordPress.
  • Frost has a link pattern.

Hey Everybody Rob here again. Today’s podcast. I wanna talk a bit, a little bit about why you shouldn’t use linktree for those who don’t know, linked trees are cool little site that lets you have links to all the places on the web so you can link your social media handles. You can link to websites you can link to blogs, you can link to all kinds of.


I’m not a big fan of interest. The reason is then you’re giving all the SEO juice and draw of your platform to link tree. Why would you do that? So let me give you an example. What I do. If you go to meet Rob Karens dot online. I have my. Own Link Tree type site there’s links. On that site to all the key stuff I do on the Internet. And in case you missed it, that’s meet Rob Terrance dot online. On it is the links to my business blog, My personal blog, My Business Agency site, some key articles, some key features have been in all my social media and so on. The cool thing is I built that site. In WordPress, no need to use raintree. So what did it cost me really? The cost of the domain name and onlines a little more so that’s 30 or 35 bucks Canadian a year and that’s it and some time. The. The actual site, little secret, dirty secret is built by Frost, which is the theme that Brian Gardner developed, and he eventually sold the WP engine and he’s got a pattern in there in frost for doing a link tree type site. So all I had to do was insert everything and away I go. Very simple, very easy. And the beauty of it is I control my data. I back up the data, I put the security in, I do it. Ohh. Let’s go, folks. Let’s start owning your data and your own platforms and the advantage of doing that is you own this not like tree, and you’re not bound by them terms of service. And I’ve already got a hosting plan and a hosting server, so to add another domain is easy and really it took me 1/2 hour of my time to set up even with the security in place. So that’s my tip of the day. Don’t use wintry, don’t your own linktree type site in WordPress. You need some help doing it. Shoot me an. E-mail at hello@stunningdigitalmarketing.com be glad to help you. And. Enjoy the rest of your day, folks.

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