Episode 237: Remote Working Predictions Made in 1986

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In this episode, Rob Cairns talks about remote working predictions made in 1986.

Show Highlights:

  1. Bill Warren’s story and predictions.
  2. How you can work remotely.
  3. How things have changed.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob

Here again, in this solo show, I want to talk about something dear to my heart, and that is frankly, a story from when I was in college and it’s about remote work. So in 1986 I had a college professor by the name of Bill Warren.

And Bill was a different sort.

I always considered him a bit of a visionary.

But a lot of my fellow classmates thought he was crazy, so much so.

They nicknamed him affectionate.

Billy Bob.

And the reality of it is Bill had ideas that people are far off the charts.

I always listen to him because frankly.

I thought his ideas made sense. One of Bill’s ideas was about remote work. He had a dream in 1986 to be able to sit with a portable computer on the beach.

And run his business.

So let’s Fast forward to 2020 and we all know you can take a laptop and find a Wi-Fi connection and go anywhere. When I was in the Dominican, three or four years ago.

They had Wi-Fi router repeaters for free Wi-Fi right on the uh.

Resort beach it was the one place in a resort you could get Internet for free to check your email and do whatever you want on an all inclusive.

So build dreams.

We’re not that far off.

And I think sometimes visionaries get accused to being crazy.

Even guys like Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates Paul Allen.

The guys who founded Apple and Microsoft for those who don’t know.

Guys who put rockets on the moon.

Oh they were crazy.

They faked them.

They’re visionaries and let’s go back to one of the biggest of all time, George Orwell. In 1948, wrote 1984.

And that book talks about.

How we’re all going to be tracked on cameras and tracked?

Well, the reality is we are.

We have loyalty cards.

We have GPS in all our phones we also have.

Cameras everywhere for security purposes, downtown shopping malls, automatic teller machines, you name it.

And I’m sure back in 1940 people thought George was crazy.

He was a visionary.

I’ve reread that book a number of times.

It’s a classic.

I wonder why?

It’s time we started appreciating people with out of the box ideas as being smart and different and progressive.

And not crazy. So that’s my $0.02 worth. A story about Wi-Fi. Have a great day, everybody. Rob Karen. Stunning digital marketing.

Have a wonderful day.


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