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Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing calm. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about some words not to use in your marketing during this crisis. We all need to get with the program. And before we get to today’s podcast, let’s get on with the news.



In today’s news, the governor of Florida is finally ordered to stay in place order for the state of Florida starting at 12:01am. This Friday, frankly, it’s about time in the midst of all this COVID-19 issue. Florida has one of the highest densities of COVID cases out there. And frankly, I think he’s waited a little too long. New York City continues to rise as well. And the bigger concern for us Canadians is now the state of Michigan has 16,000 health care workers actually live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and commute to Michigan every day. I would suspect the Canadian government will finally tell them to stay in Michigan while they’re working in hospitals, as Michigan is a hotbed for COVID 19. More on that soon. And the Canadian government closer to home continues to fight the battle and keep working on how to help people. financial incentives and programs are now in place to help people have been impacted by jobs or job loss and COVID-19 hats off to the federal government, the for the provincial governments and all the local mayors. You guys are doing a great job in the sporting world Wimbledon is the latest Casualty. It’s now being canceled, not even rescheduled. And it looks like the Canadian open golf tournament scheduled for Toronto for the end of June will be the next Casualty. In local news in Toronto, gay pride parade has been canceled in the end of June. This is the biggest pride celebration in a world and frankly, it will hurt the community but we are really in tough times right now. That’s all for the news. And now on to this week’s podcast.



Today I want to talk about some words that you should not use in your marketing. The first is the word masterclass. Frankly, our masterclass really means is this high ticket sales webinar. Let’s just get to the chase of it all. The word master clusters overused to try and disguise that the fact that the free webinar is going to try and sell something to you. I think marketers need to stop using that word and it’s overused. Most of us who have been around a long time, expect to be sold to and it’s being overdone. Frankly, pushy. sales for digital products don’t work anymore. So that’s word number one. We’re number two, and this is touchy is the words COVID-19 or Coronavirus. It’s okay to say you know you’re having tough in business because of COVID-19. But a lot of people are hashtagging COVID-19 in social media, and putting Coronavirus or COVID-19. In subject when emails really have nothing to do with COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. So stop that tack. And the third tactic, frankly, is the one that bugs me most of all three. And that’s the words uncertain times. Let’s just stop using them. And let’s stop using them now. Yes, the world is going through a tough time. We all get it. There’s people out of work. There are people with health issues, just people like my wife and I stuck inside. And things are changing by the day. But you don’t need to use the words uncertain times in every email subject. And everybody. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’ve set up a gmail rule for G Suite that basically says that those were during the body and email, or in the subject line, please put the email my duty to box I don’t want to read it. That’s how bad this is getting. So let’s just stop it and stop it now. Three words you should never use in your marketing. The second one you can probably get away with depending on the situation. But please be gentle. Please understand that the world has changed. And we need to think about how we use these words and how we market to people. That’s the key. Show some empathy show you care about people. marketing’s like dating, build that long term relationship as Ours Rob Cameron said stunning digital marketing with a quick podcast on words you should use a marketing Please go on over to stunning digital marketing comm sign up for my free newsletter and I’m still offering free half hour consults anybody wants one scroll down midway on the front page of be glad to sit down over zoom and talk to you and help you with a marketing or business efforts also provide you with the recording of the chat after the fact that you can download so like to give that to you as well. All for free. no credit card required. no expectation. No nothing. I this podcast dedicated my white father Bruce Cairns, I love your dad and I miss you very much. And please keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed by now

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