Episode 305: Rob Cairns Podcast Origin Story

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about his Podcast Origin story.

Show Highlights:

  1. Rob’s love of audio.
  2. Why Rob started Podcasting.
  3. A couple of lessons learned Podcasting

Show Notes

Everybody Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I really want to share with you my podcast Origin story and why I got into podcasting.

 So let’s take a step. Back 40 years I was an AM radio guy. I grew up listening damn radio on an old clock radio beside my bedside. I enjoyed AM radio more than I enjoyed FM. I actually enjoyed talk radio. And with the advent of the Internet radio’s kind of in my household died away. The only time I listen to radio now is, believe it or not, on an Alexa. But that said. I always like to meet him and I liked what talk radio was about. So from there. We’ll go back. A while, probably four or five years, it became a podcast consumer. I loved listening to podcasts  from Wonderlyy. Bob Dunn’s Doo The Woo Nathan Wrigley’s WP builds, and many other great podcasts out there in the WordPress marketing, crime, and even leisure space.

And I would say as a consumer, I probably listen to. 10 to 15 podcasts a week while working, I like to listen audio. I don’t like to work in silence. That was interesting. And in my business, I’ve written over 10,000 blog posts in probably 12 to 14 years. Somewhere in that time zone. And frankly, I was fed up with writing for me. I didn’t mind writing for clients or doing stuff for them, but for me I was done and fed up. So I about three years ago or 3 1/2 years ago I made a decision. To get in the podcast. And my brilliancy was not only did I get into podcasting, I started brand new with two podcasts. An interview show and then a show called with our CEO where I just talked about stuff. And I realized pretty quickly in that this was really a bad idea and I merged the two podcasts in the one which I now call the SDM show, which is this podcast you’re listening to today.

The SDM show has now over 300 episodes. Which for me is a pretty big achievement. It’s about consistency and I’ve been consistent in getting episodes out. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing all kinds of people from the WordPress space worked for automatic independent developers designers. Marketers productivity expert since. And it’s been a great ride. And truly. That’s how I got into podcasting.

I was just fed up with writing. And I love the community and I love sharing with the community. And it’s helped build my community and my business profile. So those are all good things about podcasts. Rob Cairns, founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas and stunning digital marketing sharing with you how I got in the podcasting on my podcast Origin story, have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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