Episode 375: The Silent Treatment in Business

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why the Silent Treatment is bad in business.

Show Highlights:

1. Show Business Owners Respect.

2. Be upfront and honest.

3. Show you care.

Show Notes

Hey Everybody, I’m Rob Cairns again. Today’s podcast I want to talk about a disturbing trend in business, and that’s called the ignored treatment or the radio silent treatment. And let’s kind of start where it started off and that was in the dating game. You go out, you meet somebody on an online dating site, you go out for a couple days and then. Or both of them found. Radio silent. Instead of Manning a woman and up and saying, you know, I’m not really interested in you, I think we should just be friends. I don’t think we have a connection. You just start ignoring it. Then this trend creeped into the job market. People would go out for interviews, and instead of companies saying we’re not really interested in you, you don’t have the skills that we need. What would happen is they would just be ignored, and now it’s even more so in the business world. And I don’t mean. Me reaching out to a company with cold e-mail or a cold call. That’s a whole new ball game. Call the emails, frankly, can be ignored cause they’re unsolicited. But I’ve had several occasions lately where companies have reached out to me in the last while and they’ve said could you register a proposal and then when I follow up the first, the second, the third time, I don’t even get an answer. One that’s not satisfactory. And that’s radio silent. If you’re not interested in the proposal, say so. If you’re not, you’ve changed direction, say so. If this is not for you today, say so. If there’s a price issue, say so. But don’t leave the person that you reached out to and ask them to do a proposal for you. Hang. That’s so not. Cool and frankly, very unprofessional. At the end of the day, these companies are saving me hassle because they’re telling me exactly where they stand. And frankly, a company that’s gonna ignore me. I don’t wanna work with cause that’s gonna be a pain in the ****. So please don’t ignore people when you ask them for information. Say thank you, and if it’s not what you want or it’s not acceptable to you say I’m not interested. It’s very simple. Rob Cairns, founder and CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing have a great day. weekend. Bye bye for now.

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