Episode 81: Do Not Sell The System But Sell The Result

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Episode 81



Hi all, how’s everybody doing today? My name is Rob Cairns, and I’m the founder, CEO, and chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning Digital Marketing. Today I want to talk about a topic that’s really dear to my heart, and one that comes up a lot in the world to web design and many other things. And that’s called do not sell the system but sell the results. And I’ll get into why the results matter more than the system. But before we do that, first of all, I’d like to get on with today’s news. Sit back, relax and enjoy.



In today’s news, the first topic I want to talk about was in Nova Scotia, there’s 19 dead. And I hate to tell you folks more to come probably from a gentleman who impersonated a police officer and went on a shooting rampage in an area outside of Halifax and tural. That accounted for approximately 100 kilometers. It’s the greatest mass shooting in Canadian history. He even killed a police officer, one of the 19 dads is the gunman. And now all we’re doing as Canadians is looking for answers. My heart, my wife’s heart truly goes out to the citizens of Nova Scotia, for what they’ve entered. Yesterday, on a quiet Sunday in the middle of this COVID crisis. Our hearts are with you. And we pray for you. in Montreal, there were seven people that were fined a grand total of $10,000, between them for having a party north of Montreal and having a house party. Some good Canadian news, actually, in today’s news stories are all Canadian, it looks like cases have peaked in Ontario, which is a good thing. It seems we still have a big problem in long term care homes. And frankly, at the end of this crisis, I think most of our deaths will be in long term care homes, unfortunately, which will cause the government to change the way things are done in those homes. But it seems they’ve they’ve peaked, which is a good thing, which means hopefully soon, we’ll flatline and head back to reopening the city, and the province and the country. Now all our leaders in Ghana have indicated that this will not just happen overnight, but this will be a gradual reopening. So please listen to our leaders take the time to hear what they have to say and please follow them. So we don’t have an immediate relapse. I still truly believe we’re gonna have a second wave in the fall. And I think that’s coming. But we need to be ready for it. So let’s do things the right way. Now, on to this podcast where we talk about why this system is not as important as results.



I’ll Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Curator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. Before we get onto this podcast, I got a quick announcement I want to make. And that’s if you haven’t followed me on Facebook or worked at my website lately. I’m going live on Facebook every day at 12pm Eastern Time with actionable tips. Today’s live was called The time is now and it came out so well. I think I’m gonna release it as a podcast in this stream down the road. But you can check those out by following me on Facebook. I’m Rob Cairns, or by going to my website at stunning digital marketing comm slash live and the live will be embedded there every day. So join us learn some actionable tips help your business let’s not sit around and do nothing. And now’s the time to help you the business owner. In today’s podcast I want to talk about why this system is not as important as the results it generates. And this is gonna go really unpopular with some people I know in the WordPress space. They’re all about WordPress needs to be the platform. WordPress is the best platform. WordPress is one you have to use. So I love WordPress, but let’s stop there. What really matters is is WordPress giving you the results you need? Is WordPress easy their Seo? It is is using Wix or Weebly or Squarespace or GoDaddy Site Builder giving you the results that you need in your business. It is is it helping you achieve your goals? That’s the better question. The point I’m making is the system doesn’t matter. As long as it’s giving you the results that you need. So let’s go somewhere else. Email responders. Do you use ConvertKit Infusionsoft slash keep MailChimp, mailerlite AWeber Active Campaign, Click Funnels and so on. The question is, is what you’re using as an autoresponder giving you results. In my case, I use mailer light, all day long. It does some basic automation, it allows me to put a newsletter out quickly and timely. And frankly, many of my customers convert from reading my newsletter to clients. So it works for me. And that’s what matters. Are you converting the material you’re putting out? Two weeks? Yes, sometimes the system can make your life easy. I don’t disagree. But what you really got to look at is does that system convert to leads and do those leads convert to sales? Because at the end of the matter, and the end of the day, I don’t care if your system is the best one on the face of the earth on paper. But if you’re not getting leads out of it, which aren’t converting the sales, then frankly, who cares how good your system you have? It’s like if you have a Rolls Royce? Is it getting you the results you need? You have the fastest car but it breaks down all the time? Are you winning races now? Who cares? You have the fastest car in the racing game winning matters. Online Marketing is not any different. And frankly, the people in the WordPress space itself WordPress need to realize this. They like to create pretty websites that look nice, and it’s easy for them to do. And the client can go and update the posts and the pages in the backend. Yeah, that’s nice. So what if the website is pretty, but if it’s not optimized for business, that doesn’t work, and it doesn’t give me leads? Who cares if you did it on WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace or Wix? What you need is the whole system in place to generate the leads to convert the sales. Once you do that, then you’ve hit a home run. All the other stuff is just fluff. And people don’t even get that on Instagram. Oh, I got 5000 likes. That’s nice. That those 5000 nights convert to leads convert to sales. I got my 5000 likes and my leads in sales doing something else. Why should I use Instagram? Think about and think real hard about that?



are you targeting the right people? Or do you keep targeting the same people? Frankly, targeting the same people isn’t gonna get you anywhere either. You got to keep fleshing out your target market because sometimes people just get bored with your material. And that’s, that’s a thought too. So, really, are you more concerned about the system? Are you concerned about leads to sales, I’d be concerned about how what I’m using is getting me leads and sales. Then whether I’m using WordPress or Weebly or Wix, or in the case of autoresponders, mailer, light, MailChimp Active Campaign or Infusionsoft. I know this is gonna be a tough pill for many people to swallow. And I know tools always cause arguments. But at the end of the day, does it to get you leads, which convert to sales. That’s what really matters, not what everybody else tells you to use, or how to use food for thought. Think about that in this downtime during COVID. And think about optimizing your business. The other thing I would tell you too, is don’t keep jumping around tools to tools to tools, because that’s a waste of time. I hope I’ve given you some food for thought today can help your business. As always Rob Karen’s a stunning digital marketing, I’m still giving away free 30 minute consults. If you want to go to my website at stunning digital marketing.com scroll down to under the COVID message, click on the button, go to the landing page and all you got to do is booked into my calendar do that. I’d be glad to help you out. Spend some time with you give you some live actionable tips on a zoom call. And I know that I’ll give you the zoom recording all no charge, no credit card, no obligation, no hard sales, I promise you that. I’ve got an offer coming in a couple days for the masses. If you’re on my newsletter, which you can get it stunning digital marketing calm, so I free, you would evolve actually got even a better offer. But sign up. I’m going to mention it again again in a couple days the offer is going to drop Wednesday at 5am. So keep an eye out for that. Something to help you a little bit. Please do me a favor and stay safe. And stay well and look after your family pick up phone calls from people you haven’t talked to in a long time. And, as always, this podcast dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns also dedicated to all the frontline workers. were supporting us and making our lives better as we go through this stuff down. And so dedicated to my wife stepbrothers Steven n, as it goes through a health battle. And we wish him the best the love and we hope to see you soon and keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed. Be well and talk to y’all soon. Bye for now.

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