Episode 399: Should You Be on Every Social Media Network?

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about what social media sites you should be on.

Show Notes

Should you be on every social media network and that kind of came up when blue sky this past couple of weeks opened their invites to everybody and now everybody jumped to blue sky and the question is, should you be there and should you be on TikTok and should you be on reals? And should you be on Lincoln and so on and so forth. So kind of my take on this is. You shouldn’t be on every social media network if you’re tribe or your followers or your potential customers are not there so. I have a blue sky account. I’ll say that point and check, but I’m not. I was on Blue Sky because, frankly. Blue Sky is more for at this point more for geeks, the same as master dot and as a result I don’t spend as much time there as you think I. I tend to spend time on other networks like Twitter X or LinkedIn. Frankly, those are where my customers are. So the point I’m making is don’t waste your time as a business joining all these social media networks cause you can concentrate. On what you do really well and exceed from that. If you do that, your your strategy will be better off. So figure out where your tribe is. It might take some testing. It might take a little bit of


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