Business Changes

This past week I did a thing. I increased all my rates across the board by 25% effective Jan 7. Not only did I do the increase, I did it on the current costs of my rates. I got rid of all my grandfathered-in plans. Very simply put, costs have gone up and I am no longer interested in people who do not see the value in what I do.

I am also not taking on any new non-profits. It is a sector I am not interested in serving for several reasons.

Other changes – I have moved the day I do backup updates and site updates to Friday.

My newsletter will be changing platforms in the first week of January. This is exciting and will allow me to better serve you.

Jan 7th I will also be implementing a full help desk system based on WordPress. This will allow me to keep better track of client requests and serve my clients better.

That is about it for now! Have an amazing holiday!

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