Episode 138: Why You Need Backups

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Episode 138 Why You Need Backups



From the center of the universe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the SDM show with your host Rob Cairns. The SDM show focuses on business life productivity, digital marketing, WordPress and more. Sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy the show. Here is Rob.



Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the co founder and chief creative, amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. I hope everybody’s doing well. Today, I’m going to talk quickly about a business tip, one that you should be aware of, and that’s how do you protect your business. And that’s by doing backups. So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and listen to the short, very informative podcast.



Everybody, Rob Cairns here, I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Creatior of Amazing Ideas of stunning digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I need to sit and talk to you all about backups and why they matter. In my solo episode, I talked about WordPress care plans. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Frankly, many small business owners do not backup their data. And they say, Well, why and how, and they’re really confused about doing proper backups. If most small business owners was the customer was their accounting system, and more, they would be in deep trouble. So I think, as a small business owner, what you need to do is to actually backup your data. And the solution I like in the windows world is a cloud based solution called I drive. And the basically, the way I drive works is you throw a drive on your computer. And it backs up when you’re not using it to the cloud. And the advantage of that is once it’s set up, you don’t have to worry about it. There’s no mess, there’s no false, there’s no idiocy, there’s no problems. I’ve used I drive, probably for two or three years now, personally, and I think it’s a great product, I don’t get an affiliate commission for recommending I drive, I just really like the product. It runs seamlessly on a PC, you can also toss it on your smartphone. And then on your smartphone, you push a button, and it does the backup. I have tested restores with I drive to restores work fine. And they work really well. Now besides or such products like Carbonite, or jungle disk, or backblaze, or any of these type of products, choose one that you’re comfortable with, set it up on your PCs, and set it up to backup your data. I had a good friend of mine who had his store broken into. And fortunately, the thief did not damage the PC that held this customer billing database. Think about if you lost that database, and that was your customers and your accounting system where you would be think about the issue that would put you in. The thing is if you have a backup, you can install a new set up a new PC and then do a restore. Now a lot of people say to me, oh, I don’t want to pay a yearly subscription, I’ll just put a hard drive beside the computer. There was a well known tech journalist to had his computer stolen, and a thief actually stole the hard drive next to it. Yes. Where’s backup plus on that hard drive? And what do you do in case of a fire or flood or a braking? Same problem. Your your information is at risk. So a cloud based system is probably for most small business owners the way to go. Think about that. And think about how you do it. I actually personally keep my backup in the cloud, and on the hard drive in next to my computer. So I mean, if our hard drive goes, I still have the backup in the cloud. And personally, I’ve had hard drive crashes where hard drives had died. I’ve had issues with files and I’ve never ever lost announced the data. And that’s because I have backup set up properly. I am a marketing agency but the one service I do offer this technical is setting up clients backups. If you’d like some help setting them up, we can even do that remotely VIPs stunning digital marketing comm be glad to help you out shoot me an email. Think about it. Protect your business from protected today. That’s it for now. Have a great day. Bye bye for now. Thanks You’re listening to the SDM show. Your shows your production is stunning digital marketing and all rights are reserved. Rob can be reached by email at VIP at stunning digital marketing com on twitter at Rob Cairns on his website stunning digital marketing.com and on his website there’s links to all his social media platforms. This show is dedicated to my late father Bruce Cairns. Dad, I miss you very much. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars make your business succeed.

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