Episode 260: 9 Things I Learned Doing Site Audits For Clients

Show Highlights

Rob Cairns talks about 9 things he learned by doing Site Audits for  clients.

Show Notes

1. Many Users still use Admin as their default User Name.
2. Most websites do not have proper security software installed.
3. Most clients do not have Backups installed and if they do they have not tested them
4. Most pictures do not have ALT Tags setup for them – bad for accessibility and SEO.
5. Often keywords a page ranks for are not what a site is trying to achieve.
6. Many websites have plugins, themes and WordPress core out of date.
7. Sliders are still over used on most websites – key space that can not be SEO and a waste of space.
8. Site Owners need to have a contact email and phone number at the top of site so its easy to call you.
9. Mobile versions of a site need a call button that you can just touch on your smartphone to call the business.

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