Episode 252: A Business Branding Tip That Matters

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in this podcast Rob Cairns shares a business branding tip that matters.

Show Highlights:

  1. A mistake many businesses make.
  2. Email branding matters.
  3. Branding properly gains trust.

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Hey everybody Rob Cairns here.

So in today’s podcasts, I really want to talk about.

Something that small businesses do wrong in their marketing.

It came from a little bit of a walk around my community.

Couple weeks ago and I was kind of working at real estate signs.

And I should preface this by saying the issues I’m going to talk about are not just about the real estate business, but it’s one of the ones that fall into this trap.

And it falls in with a lot of small businesses.

They have a nice domain.


And instead of setting up an e-mail address.

Janesmith@abc.com did you silly thing?

Jane Smith at Gmail.

Com Jane Smith at.


See the problem with this?

You’ve got this nice domain and this nice website.

And then what do you do?

Use a non website domain?

And frankly, I think it’s two reasons this happens.

Laziness and two.

You would have to bring some expertise in to set-up a proper e-mail address for you, ’cause you probably don’t know how to do it.

And I really think you should spend the money.

Because it’s about Brandy.

And I have to tell you, it’s so much better getting an e-mail from janesmith@abc.com in business.

Then from janesmith@gmail.com.

And I know a lot of business owners, just frankly can’t be bothered.

And I think it’s a mistake having an e-mail address at your own.

Domain increases trust.

And frankly.

It’s good branding and it’s good marketing.

It’s the same reason why my prime e-mail address is robert@stunningdigitalmarketing.com.

And my website domainisstunningdigitalmarketing.com.

For that exact reason.

So we’ve trained people to brand their websites properly.

Now we need to train people to brand their e-mail addresses proper.

And the more they see your company name and your website name, the better for branding and the more touches.

So think of it that way.

You’re missing an opportunity by doing janesmith@hotmail.com, or@gmail.com, or any of those.

So when you’re setting up e-mail for business, make sure you set them up.

So that they can be trusted and professional, and that’s always at yourdomain.com.

Rob Cairns, CEO, Founder and Chief Creator of amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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