Episode 242: Ninja Forms Issues and Trust in Security

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In this episode, Rob Cairns talks about issues with Ninja Forms and trust in security.

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  1. Why do contact forms have issues.
  2. Ninja forms had major issues.
  3. Trust in security,

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Hey everybody, Rob here again.

Today’s podcast I wanted to talk about the Ninja Forms.

Latest vulnerability in WordPress and.

Frankly, what we call trust in security so and they go hand in hand.

So let’s talk about Ninja forms came out last week that Ninja forms was compromised again and that would there was a security update for them being compromised.

So that’s red flagged.

All those people hadn’t updated their plugins.

They better do it now because of vulnerabilities found in the wild.

And somebody said to me, here we go.

Another forms package has been compromised and lately it seemed so and frankly, forms packages are high target.

They’re on every website.

So I started off by saying I give Ninja forms a lot of credit.

They patched away this vulnerability quickly, efficiently and effectively.

And that’s really important.

And I was sitting down with Robert Rowley last week.

Did the security advocate at Patch Tech and we’re having this conversation.

Robert and I have talked security more than once and what it comes down to is trust.

Do you trust Ninja forms?

To update their software when a vulnerability is discovered, and in that response I would say yes, the same way we know that the biggest operating system in the world in business is Windows.

Sorry Mac people and Microsoft releases security patches.

Every Tuesday the 1st Tuesday of every month.

Called patch Tuesday.

And the reason they do is because people trust Microsoft.

And that’s the key.

It’s no longer if your software will be compromised, it’s when and do you trust your vendor?

To fix that problem for you, if you don’t trust the vendor, go find another one honestly.

And that’s the best way of approaching it.

If you do trust the vendor, then stick with them ’cause you know they’ll support you.

So security folks is all about trust and trusting that vendor.

Do you trust them to fix it?

Do you trust them to do the best?

Do you trust them to be transparent?

Do you trust them?

And so on.

And so forth.

So remember, trust with securities.

Everything Rob Cairns.

Founder, CEO and chief.

Creative amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing.

Talking about Ninja Farms, hacked and trusted security.

Have a great day of late.

Bye for now.


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