Episode 103: Two Digital Marketing Assets You Own 100%

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Episode 103 Two Digital Marketing Assets You Own 100%


This is Rob Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I’m going to sit down and explain to you which two digital marketing assets that you own for your business, and which ones you don’t. And this is really important, because you should be leveraging the assets that you own more than one sheet. So grab a coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy a podcast.


Today, I want to talk about something that marketers really don’t understand. Even people in the marketing field, in the small business. That’s many of their marketing assets are being done on what we call rented land. And that’s land you really don’t own or a site you don’t know. So let’s dive deep into this. First of all, what is rented land. As I said earlier, in the intro, it’s stuff that you don’t know. So Facebook, Google ads, or LinkedIn, they are all examples of rented land, you really don’t own them. And frankly, you don’t own the audience, you just have ideas. And one of the risks in marketing of using strictly rented land is the rules change, and they can change at whim, our Facebook’s gonna do is change this algorithm. Changes look like it’s stunning, it, change whatever it wants to change, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So what do I suggest, as an experienced marketer that you do, I would sit down and concentrate on the two assets you do want. One is your website. And if you don’t have a website for your business, you better get one. Now, you’re way behind the time. And two, it’s your email list. Those two things you want, you have control of what you put on your website, you have control of the work and feel of your website, you have control what services you put the same thing for your email list, you have control on what kinds of emails you send your clients, prospective clients and readers. And I’ve heard it all in the last while all millennials don’t look at him. Not true. They tend to look at it on a mobile device. That’s a whole new discussion. I run an email list of almost 10,000 people. And I get open rates typically way above my industry standard, which is five to 10%. And I’m getting open rates of 50 to 60%. on a regular basis. I’ve even seen open rates as high as 95%. On certain emails, that’s amazing, don’t you think? And one of the reasons I do so well with my email list, frankly, is I treat my list with a lot of respect. And that’s really important. But that’s a whole new conversation. And actually one, I’m going to start on in this week’s newsletter. So if you, frankly, don’t have the newsletter, don’t get it, run on over the stunning digital marketing.com. Scroll down the bottom of the main page, and sign up now. And make sure you don’t miss any of these. And by the way, if you miss this episode, shoot me a DM on Facebook, or on Twitter and say, Hey, Rob, in get signed up in time, I’d really like to see that issue. That issue will probably drop sometime today. So you know, you want to get on that. But if you have problem, let me know. I’ll be glad to help you out. So thing about email list is you set the rules. You said how you’re going to send it you choose to serve the service and so on the same thing for the website. These are all things which you control. So the best bit of advice I have is work on nurses. They’re also a long term game. So on your website, you can do things like SEO, that’s a six to an eight month payback. It’s a long term game. You can do things like build up an email list, build up trust, that can take years I’ve worked on my list for years and keep that in mind. So what I’m suggesting is not abandon a rented land approach, but you need to do both and you need to make sure you Certainly working on your website, your email list. And by the way, that means I don’t set up my website and then I set it and forget it. What that really means is, I set my website and I keep working on it every day. So you take the website is stunning digital marketing.com. I’m currently working on making changes that site. I’ve updated several pages. I’ve been trying to get it done by the end of the summer. Well, here we are September 2, and it’s not done. I’m gonna push hard to get it done. Because it needs to be and we need to get it set, right. So remember, two things you own, your mailing list and your website, and everything else in the digital marketing world.


Most of it is rented land. And be careful when you use rented land. As I was Rob Kendrick, founder, CEO and Chief creator of mazing ideas that stunning digital marketing, hope you’re all doing well, especially during the pandemic. Do you want to reach out to me, please email me VIP at stunning digital marketing.com phone for 166247647 or you can tweet at me at Rob Cairns. I’d be glad to help you out in any way. You want to find me on other social media platforms besides Twitter, jump on over to our website, scroll down the bottom. They’re all in the footer. Follow me. I’d be glad to say Say hello say you saw the podcast or heard the podcast and tell me what you think love to hear from you. As always, please stay safe during COVID-19 it’s tough times. We’re all in this together. This podcast is dedicated to my late father Bruce Cairns. I miss your dad and keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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