Episode 86: Moving During Covid-19 With Kim Doyal

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Hey, guys, I’m here with my good and cherish friend Kim Doyle today. And we thought we’d do something different. Kim actually moved in the middle of the pandemic. And, you know, Kim’s been around the social media and content creation space. And we’re not going to talk any about that. We’re actually going to talk about Kim’s move. And interestingly enough, despite the fact we’ve known each other for years, it’s actually the first time we’ve chatted, how are you today?



I’m great. I think that’s so funny that we actually have not had a verbal conversation yet. This is great. I’m great. I’m great. peeking through clouds, no complaints.



That’s okay. We had I saw something on your Facebook page. It’s no and we had snow for a couple days ago in Ontario. So you know, the weather is screwed up. And every



Oh, I know. Sorry. I that was the my aunt was sharing an article asking if we haven’t had snow here since I’ve been here. Okay. So



it doesn’t matter. We it’s it’s stupid out there. So, yeah. So when all this you decided to move and, you know, we’ve talked many nights, and you were looking at multiple places. And he settled on Boise, Idaho, how come?



You are certainly not first person asked me that. So I am a fifth generation San Francisco and I was born in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. Thank you. It’s, it’s sad to me a little bit, because it’s not the city that I grew up going to. Um, and you know, but that’s another conversation. So I was born and raised in Northern California lived there my whole life. And then I, you know, was in the East Bay, which, you know, people who are familiar with the Bay Area. And it’s so funny, because you don’t say the West Bay, cuz that is San Francisco. But it’s, you know, South Bay, East Bay, North Bay. And it was, you know, I raised my kids there. And once they were both out on their own, I was like, I’m out of here. Like, the fact is, like, don’t get me wrong, like California is always gonna have a place in my heart. It’s a beautiful state. But just the fact that all I need is internet connection. It was like, let’s go somewhere else. And the cost of living, you know, let me give you an example. And this is not why I picked Boise. I’ll get there. But I got my first power bill, like utility bill for the month. It was $64 whenever I had bills at my house in California and my house that I had sold, I had a pool, but, um, air conditioning and stuff. I had over seven and $800 bills at different times. I’m not sure. I’m sure. So, you know, it’s kind of like, and I think the first water bill, which it’s by monthly was like, $70, that my bills were usually two plus a month for that. And so, you know, I just, you know, and a friend asked me that it was funny. She said, Well, if, if money were no object, would you come back and I’m like, I don’t I don’t know. You know, my family is still in the Bay Area. But I so the intention, like I started looking a few years ago, like, nobody wanted me to move like I’m very close to my family and I was threatening Costa Rica for a long time now but I but I love Costa Rica. So I mean, yeah, well, I yeah, I had a month trip plan for that this summer canceled, obviously. And technically, I’m supposed to be in London right now. I had a trip to London. We’ve talked about all that. But Boise, so I wanted to stay on the west coast. I looked at Oregon and Washington. I wanted something that I wanted a place That I could drive to, like if I felt like it like it was a day drive. I’m just because I’ve got my dogs too. And I’m not I’m not anti flying by any means. But you know, when I can have like an eight hour car drive, it’s like, oh, what can I listen to? It’s time to myself. It’s quiet in the car. It doesn’t bother me at all. Anyway, so I had originally been looking at Oregon and Lincoln city like coastal towns and stuff. And it’s so funny because I don’t know that I ever would have thought of Boise had I not watched different clickfunnels videos because they’re based here in Boise. Russell Brunson lives here. Yeah, obviously, I didn’t come here after them. But I saw enough video. Boise Oh my god, that is so cute. And just the city itself. It’s like, you’ve got this great downtown with restaurants and, and it’s like a city and there’s like, huge mountains around it. You know, it’s, um, you know, so I just I wanted a place that was a little bit less crowded, which many people told me that I need to change the plates on my car as soon as possible. And now that things are opening up, I will get that done. Because nobody wants California and here they say we wreck everything. Um, but yeah, so I just, it was pretty. I was close enough to family. It’s super cheap to fly when that is available again. You know, I just want to stay on the side of the country. And, and we’ll see, you know, because it’s funny. So it is what’s today the 12th of May. Yeah, it looks more like a California February. It’s much more of a true spring, like when I was in the East Bay. We went from sort of winter to like five minutes of spring and then like 100 degree summers. So um, so we’ll see, you know, I haven’t been through a winter here or anything, but I just, I was ready for it’s a new chapter. That’s it.



And you’ve been any been through a lot. No, last year. You know, it’s funny. You mentioned videos in Boise, my wife Joe has been is a Grey’s Anatomy fan. So needless to say, Seattle, Washington, when everything comes down is somewhere on my tourism. Less than, you know, a good friend of ours is out there Bob guns out there. Now Darien and I’ve actually been out there I’ve been out to like Everett, Washington before for some sporting stuff, and it’s beautiful out there. So video can make a big difference to what you decide to do. And not do in your in your life plans. It really is. Well,



you know, I looked at Washington also, like, you know, more Cohen is up in I think she’s in Vancouver? Yes, yes, she’s, you know, Boise is, is closer than some of the places I was looking at, and Washington. And I think, for me to make this big of a move was like it needed to be it needed to be so much cheaper, in essence, right? Like, like Washington and Oregon, are not far behind California. You know, in terms of cost of living, and not that that’s the dictator for me. But at the same time, it’s like, if I’m going to leave my family, all my friends, like, I’m still my best friend. These are friends from high school and stuff. It’s like, they’re all still in the Bay Area. And so it’s like, Alright, if I’m going to do this, it really needs to, I don’t know, outweigh all the pros outweigh everything else.



No, I get I get that. And by the way, Toronto, for those listening is not the cheapest place to live, either. So we’re, we’re up there on on scale as well. So, so what kind of now you did a move, you found a house, which you know, you and I had talked about many nights and how happy you were? And then you did some pre planning for your move. What did that kind of consist of? And what kind of process did you go through?



Well, so Originally, I came so I came up to I actually stayed in nampa, which is like two cities from Boise everything’s relatively close, right. But um, I came up in October for, like, 10 days by myself. And that was twofold. One, it was like, I wanted to see if I liked the area and then to my mom and passed away in July. And I really just needed to take some time for myself because I originally was planning on moving in the fall, right? My son graduated high school just a year ago. And so he was out. And then I thought okay, then I will I’m not gonna, you know, stick around. I’ll move then. And so I thought about moving then. And then my mom got sick. And then my dad asked me, he said, Oh, do you want to come stay up here for a little bit that my parents had retired to this little town called pioneer, which is the best way to explain where it is. It’s about an hour south east of Lake Tahoe. And it looks like that it’s beautiful, right? And I couldn’t live there the rest of my life. God bless them. I love my dad, but I still have like a whole new chapter of my life. Right? And so um, So went up in October, and was like, yep, I like it up here. And it’s funny because I really didn’t do a ton of exploring. And then I thought, you know, probably a good way to make my dad feel better about this move. Like, I asked him to come up with me again. So we came up in February. We actually stayed in McCall, which is much further north. It’s like two hours in Boise. He has a timeshare and they have all these free weeks and stuff. So we stayed there. And we drove down to Boise a couple times. And what was really cool is that my brother’s girlfriend, excuse me, allergies. I think I’m still getting used to the different climate. Um, my brother’s girlfriend said, Oh, I have a friend who retired retired police officer from the back from the East Bay. And he’s not doing real estate up here. He’s in his 50s. And so I called him one afternoon cuz like, I had this list. Robert, like, I was constantly on Zillow and looking at houses. Yeah. So, you know, we just did the Google Maps thing and went around, but it’s like, I didn’t know enough about the area. So he was amazing. He met us. And it’s so funny, because my dad’s retired cop, and they knew a bunch of people. And so I got to listen to cop stories all day. But we, he It was great, because he would drive us around the city. And he’d be like, well, this is like this city. And so he’d compare it to places in the Bay Area. So I kind of feel, you know, for what that was like. And he really talked a lot about the development what’s going on and, and how people are and stuff. And so I mean, I was absolutely sold. And when I went in February, when I came up here I was I said, Look, you know, I don’t have to move. I’m, if I find the right house. Great. And it just so happens that the house I’m in it’s like a year and a half old. It’s super cute. And it hadn’t it didn’t even get listed. He just happened to call some property managers he knew and one said, you know, this isn’t listed, but it’s coming up. And so we drove by the outside. And then we got pictures. Like I looked up the house when it had been sold. And I fell in love with it. I’m like, let’s do it. So I just, you know, and so this was before things had gotten locked down, is when I made that move.



Yeah. So and what most people don’t get, and I’ve got a mother in real estate business, and I got a couple friends in the moving business, unfortunately, moving and real estate deals have continued to knock down. So let’s kind of bring that up. And then you went moved. And then as I call it, the fun started. So let’s talk about that a little bit. What happened in the move process moving out of California? What happened moving into Idaho?



Well, you know, on one hand, like, because my original plan was like, Look, I’ll just get a u haul because I did that when I left. So the city I was in in the East Bay was Brentwood. And I had sold my house in Brentwood a couple years prior when my daughter graduated high school because it was pretty big. And I was like, it’s just my son and I. And so when I left Brentwood like I packed, I got rid of like I had a formal living room and a dining room and like, I donated so much stuff, I knew that I was gonna step into a new chapter Robert, and so I didn’t, and I’m not like, I just want all new stuff. But I wanted a fresh start. I didn’t want to take Yep, like I have no decor, really outside of a few things, my office, but it’s like, all the decor is like eight, this new chapter element. So so all of my stuff was in storage, except for my bedroom, essentially. And my office, it was all in storage already in box. So. So I was originally going to get a u haul. And then I was like, I’m just gonna get prices, right? So I start calling moving companies. I’m like, Oh my god, it’s 15 $100 to rent a u haul. Plus, I would have had gas and everything. And then and mileage. And I was getting these quotes for like 18 $100 for Movers. I was like, You know what? Okay, so you know, the drama of this, I’m going to do the cliffnotes version, but it was a broker and the broker, which I didn’t know. So the moving company shows up, and then it’s like, the day before, I’m like, Oh, you have to have cash, because that’s the actual moving company like, so the broker got paid a stupid amount of money, just to coordinate this. Yeah. Um, and then I actually when they got there, like, Oh, it’s still gonna cost me more because of the size of stuff and how they do it. Yep. So I ended up I still have a five by five storage unit in California, which some of it’s my kids stuff they need to get out. And then I have like, all of my holiday decor and like bins, it’s like, in my dad’s garage, he has a huge three car garage. You know, and so our plan is like, I’ll just, you know, once the world opens up, I’ll go down, and my brother’s company has like a big band. That’s it. We’ll see if we can get most of the rest of stuff up. Because I was like, Oh my gosh, then it literally end up costing me like about 15 $100 more than then I was quoted and and then of course, I Get here. And the first the brokerage, the brokers told me it was a one to five day delivery. Then the moving company tells me it’s usually two to seven days, they pick up on a Friday, but Saturday doesn’t count. So we’ll put the first available date is Sunday. I mean, it was just screwy. And so it’s like, we came up here on a Monday, my son came with me because you need to be here, right? In case it’s not. And long story short, three weeks later, my stuff finally got here after I started raising hell, because I threatened to go down and just get my stuff. I’m like that, forget it. I will rent a truck and go get my stuff cuz it was sitting in Sacramento.



Um, what I’ll tell people is moving is stressful enough. I went through it five years ago, and I get to you all routine, and I did the purge. And at the time I moved in with Joel before we got married, and I kind of looked at her and said, I’m only bringing what I need to do, I’ll do the project my head. And when you’re when you’re changing chapters in your life, sometimes doing that purchase actually healthy, it’s helpful. And I did that, and then you kind of go into complications, and it gets worse. So you know, you had your stuff in storage, and then they finally got it to you. Right? Like it took you what, yeah, so no phone or?



Well, it was, you know, first you call and it’s like, oh, hopefully by Monday, and so it’s like they you’re getting kind of strung along. And then thankfully, I got ahold of somebody very helpful at the actual van line, the company. And she called me from her cell phone. And she said, don’t they don’t care about internet reviews. She said, but I would threaten Better Business Bureau and Department of Transportation. Yeah, things didn’t start happening until I said, I’m gonna go get my stuff. No, tell me where it is. And I, you know, and I’ll go pick it up. And all sudden, the brokers calling me and, you know, everybody’s taking care of it. And from that, from the time that happened, within two days, I got I will be here between Friday and Sunday. So, you know, it is very stressful. Like, I mean, all the other times I’ve moved in my life, I we did it at this, but I was younger, better shape. I don’t want to do that. At this point in my life. I just don’t. And, you know, even when I sold my house in Brentwood, and moved to a smaller place, it was like, you know, we still hired movers, though, just to do all the big furniture and everything, because that it was, you know, 16 years in that house. And so it was an I wasn’t, I didn’t do as big of a purge as I did this last time. It is stressful, you know, at the same time, you know, I think in a way, I don’t know, I tend to be a little bit more of a it’s an adventure. It takes a lot to get me to that point where I’m really frustrated. And I did get there with that. Because, you know, I had to go by At first I was like, oh, I’ll just leave on the floor. Not work. Oh, my lord. So got air mattresses for my son and I that made a world of difference. Yeah, um, you know, and I got a cheap table. And I was actually a really bad chair for my office saw that too. Guy upgraded the chair then. Right? So Oh, boy, you know, so the it’s just, it was an expensive lesson. And it is what it is like, I mean, I’m in this house. I’m running this house for a year. And if I like Boise I’ll buy next year. And you know, who knows what’s gonna happen? Like, I don’t think we’ve even begun to comprehend what is going to happen to the real estate market? I COVID.



Yeah, I don’t I don’t think we have. And it’s funny. You talked about your sharing here, your bed. And you know, you shared some pictures with some friends. So I’ve seen some of those. And I just chuck called. And I can remember saying that my wife, poor Kim, poor Kim. And I know, like, to me, those are the two things that make all the world’s a difference. I have a gamer’s chair on my home office, which makes a difference in the world. And I’ve got what are you are in the process of looking for a new mattress as we speak. And because Joe’s got some comfort issues, and to me if those two things aren’t in place, we can deal with a lot of stuff. And and it was funny, you commented about your desk and if I recall, right, you went to a folding table basically for a desk.



I did. I did. Yeah. Because Well first you remember first I think I post a picture. I set up my iMac and my Yeah, display and stuff at the island and the table and I got a stool and I was like yeah, you are not 20 years old girl like what are you doing? You know, and so then I was like, oh, then I was all excited, excited chair and a table. And that chair was rapping you know, and my mom was As a project manager for a contract Furniture Company, so like they ordered furniture for offices and stuff, right? And so my chair actually she had bought it for my dad when he retired as a police officer, he went because he was young. First he went work for NASA at Moffett Field for wells, a detective. And then he went and was a bailiff for the sheriff’s department here. I mean, so he’s got some great retirements, right? But, but anyways, she had bought him this, like, 12 $100 chair that she got it cost, right. So then they gave me his chair. They were like, Cameron, we don’t need this, you know. So I had this amazing, great chair. And it was like, I went to I’m like, I’ll go to Walmart. And it was just like, Oh, God, I tried sitting on pillows. It was just



awesome. And it’s funny because I can remember having a conversation with you. And you said, Well, I use I bought this table, it was one of those ones that with a mellow mine top the fold in hand in half. And believe it or not to this day, that’s what they use as a desk because I like to sprawl out. I’ve looked at hutches I’ve looked at wood, I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. And it’s the only thing I’ve ever found where I can just kind of sprawl and work the way I like to works.



Well, you know what, like, that’s part that’s on the list. I know, it’s so funny, because I actually had ordered some stuff just from wayfair. And stupidly, it shipped to the house I sold in brand. Oh, I didn’t look at the account before anyways, but so that all got returned. And then I was like, yeah, you know, like be. So being in the office, I have an L shaped desk, I like to sprawl out too. And I have a Vera desk so that I can stand up. So I’ve been looking at stuff though, like because the Vera desk I have to raise, and then the MA, I’ve got a 27 inch iMac and a 27 inch Thunderbolt, those are heavy, but so it’s like, I’m seriously considering finding a woodworker who will build exactly what I want. Because I also, I literally rubber just want like a big long, like a big L. Yep. You know what I mean? So that, because my desk also has like a cabinet to the left, and then I’ve got, you know, one on the right, so I can’t even like pivot and use it as a writing space. So before I invest in a desk, I, I don’t know, I’ve really been doing a lot of research and looking and I also have, like, I like having a keyboard tray that slides in and out ergonomically like I use an ergonomic mouse that kind of knows Oh,



yep. I don’t need I don’t even go that route, I’ve actually gone to a one of the slim compact keyboards that sits on my desk, my laptop plugs into a 42 inch monitor on the wall, you know, I’ve got, I’ve got two credenzas that are made back in the 60s. And he can’t make wood like that anymore. So I just kind of, you know, I sprawl out that way. So let’s get to I think we were talking and I think a lot of this problem that you had with your move could have been avoided due to communication. And, you know, really, we see that a lot in business, even with companies in non moving space where people just don’t communicate well. Do you want to talk about that a little bit?



Yeah, you know, it’s, it’s interesting, because I, you know, yeah, communication is key. And it was like, we were talking a little bit before the call offline about, like, our ad agency, we for the planner, so the second ad agency, and it’s like, they’re slow to deploy stuff sometimes. But they are very great about responding and communicating. And, you know, oftentimes, we have to get ahead of it. But, you know, it’s it. It’s, it’s 90% of it, I was about to say it’s half the battle. It’s not, I mean, we have so many people with what’s going on today that have emailed, they’re like, I ordered my planner a month ago, and they’re in Australia, Australia has got some real strict rules rolls going on right now with with stuff coming in and out of the country. moreso than the UK. And, and it’s like, as long as we respond to people immediately, like, Okay, thanks, you know, and they’re like, then we’ll give them the digital plan, or we give them the class or something. Communication, it’s just knowing I had a question, you responded, you care. It’s that simple. You know, as far as the moving industry goes, I honestly, I don’t even know if it’s communication as much as it’s ripe for disruption. You know, it is time I think that all somebody has to do to kill it in the in the moving space. I think it’s to be on top of stuff like Don’t tell me you don’t know where your drivers are. It’s, it’s 2020. Like, everything is trackable. Today, you know, and there’s no reason there is no reason for brokers. I mean, that’s just the stupidest thing ever. So, you know, just like the hotel and taxi industry thought they’d never be disrupted. You know, all of these old institutions for lack of a better term. You know, we’re, you know, talking about the real estate market. It’s like, that’s ripe for disruption, the insurance market Oh my Lord. So I think that even with these challenges that we’re seeing, people are really getting looked at, we could have a whole other conversation about education. I read something on Facebook last night about like, I’m not paying, my kid doesn’t want to pay 50 grand to be taking classes online. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and



that that industry has changed. I mean, one of my best friends is a teacher, and using things like Google classroom and zoom right now to communicate with her kids. And it’s, it’s already disrupted. And what I’ll tell what I’ll tell you in education is honestly, Kim, the parents, before High School has to become back in your kids lives for a long time in education. They’ve actually disrupted it and set my kids in class six hours a day, not my problem. Well, guess what, it doesn’t work anymore. Right. So



well, that and I think we’re looking at, like, I don’t remember where it was. But it’s like, there was a state, sort of state or country though talking about, you know, doing a lot more outdoor education stuff, and, and you see other countries that are doing it really, really well. And this whole idea, you know, I’ll never forget, Robert, when I was in retail management, I was a training manager. And so I got to do all this other, like train the trainer type of stuff. And I loved the fact that they focused on, you know, you need to teach to the learner style. So some adults maybe want to read and then go implement other people want to read as you’re implementing other people want to go do it, and then come back and look at where they messed up. And it was just so eye opening to me, I thought, God, we let we we let adults learn differently in the work environment, but we expect every child to learn exactly the same way. And it’s just, you know, I think Western culture, at least I know, the US, that’s all I can really speak to you, but just this need for like, how many like we’re measuring kids and accomplishments. And, you know, it’s like I, my daughter went through the school system. Without a hiccup high school, my hut, my son had just some really, really personal challenges, like, behavioral so it was it was hell. And it wasn’t until I was outside of the system, but I saw how broken it was. Oh, no, no, no question. I



mean, I, I’m a classic example. I grew up in Quebec, and I was a C student removed Ontario, where the course curriculum was different. I became a B student. I went off to college back in the 80s. And I became a 90% student and on a dangerous, and it’s all about the way you learn how you learn, and what you like to learn. And that’s what this one size fits all model doesn’t work anymore. And that’s, and we’re seeing a lot of that aren’t.



We are? Well, and I just think kids and people in general, we need a little bit more whitespace in our lives. Yeah. Right. Where, where, you know, it’s just crazy. Like, when I think about my I have two nieces. I have a nephew who is in sixth grade, but my nieces are both in high school. And I just think I couldn’t imagine, you know, being that age, and obviously, they don’t know any different. But being that age, and having to live with social media and comparing yourself 20 472 people all the time. I I just I don’t know, like my heart feels heavy for kids today. I thought they have challenges to face that we don’t I think parents need to stop treating children. So we’re raising an entire generation of entitled kids that we don’t necessarily understand their struggles, right. It’s there’s common human struggles and then there’s like, I don’t know stuff that’s much more timely and relevant to what they’re experiencing. Yeah, I think we’re gonna see a lot of good things and I would love your thoughts on this is like, I’m really hoping we see the death of the quote unquote influencer, like people who just get paid to be to not provide value other than like photos, I some of that stuff, Durham saying, like, I think that was I reading there was a book I read, and they said, you know, in five years, we probably won’t even use that term anymore. Like, it’s gonna come and go, and I’ve been a part of this space in general, but because of COVID I think a lot of things are shifting.



Oh, there’s no question businesses are shifting. Small businesses are shifting. The influencer i think is done. I mean, I I’m, I’m a really bad marketer. I’ve done really well marketing, but I don’t do well being marketed to personally so I, even though I run some big accounts, I don’t. If it’s not me, I’m I’m a creature of habit. I think we’re seeing a shift where companies are going to take care of long term customers more than short term, new customers. I’ve done that. I think there’s all kinds of things shifting and I think honestly, we’re in a new world and it’s exciting. Yeah, it is I to me, somebody said to me the other day, are you worried about stuff? And I said, No, this has opportunity written all over. I’m so not worried. And that’s, that’s, you know,



yeah, I mean you. And the truth is like, I’m in a completely misquote this, Robert, but who was a Confucius or there’s like a Zen master said, if there’s something you can do about it, why worry? If there’s nothing you can do about it? Why worry? It’s such a wasted emotion. We all do it. We’re human, right? But I mean, I have a list of go twos. And when that stuff comes up, I’m like, Michael, you better go take a nap, you better go watch something, you better know that dogs get outside like you’re, you’re feeling something that won’t serve you.



My wife is really good at that show. Joe actually said, What are you worried about this, there’s nothing you can do about it. And just move on. And I and I’ve gotten better because of her over the last five years. I’m moving on. So that’s really that’s really key. I think, um, before I let you go, because I know you’re crunched for time. What? What are you working on these days, besides the amazing content creators planner that you want to share with anybody? Or? Or do that and how can people get a hold yet? They want to?



So I am you know, I’m rebranding, not rebranding. So I have my personal site, Kim Doyle, calm, which is DIY al. And our amazing friend vendor is, is helping me with a redesign of that site. And I’m sort of going to have on a phrase this. I don’t know, Robert, I honestly the last few weeks, I felt like this massive pole to step into something bigger. I don’t know what it looks like, I’m exploring it. But I’m sort of going to reboot the podcast here. I’m going to get that back on track, you know, so I’ve got a course list explosion coming out under my personal brand. So, you know, it’s tricky to not sabotage one or the other since I’m talking about content with both brands, but they complement each other. And, yeah, I’m just doing my you know, hashtag to show up, I’m kind of out of the grief bubble, for lack of a better word and ready to kick ass.



Yeah. and you and you and I have a book to read together for you ever get them all minds coming first, you know, the life of living in the Great White north. But you know what, it was actually cheaper. Because I ordered upsells to order this stuff through Russell directly. And even with all the conversion and everything else and and send it to me then ordered from Amazon in Kansas. I don’t care. Anything we’re also put out is worth reading. So I agree. Yeah. So if somebody wants to hold you get a hold of you how to best



email Facebook, Kim at Kim doyle.com, or just, you know, through my site, and most I would say all of my social profiles are just my name Kim Doyle.



And if you’re really want to give something world jump on into the content creators group and and say, Whoa, whoa, Kim’s really good host some good people, and some helpful people. So yeah. Thank you so much for having me, Robert. Yeah. Thank you, Kim. I appreciate time and you have a great day. Stay safe. Stay well,



YouTube. Thanks.



I want to thank my very special guest Kim Doyle for joining me for this week’s interview. As always, you can find more about us at studying digital marketing comm please feel free to follow me on twitter at Rob Karen’s. You can also find us on all social media platforms go to our website, and there’s links to them all there in the footer. Please don’t be shy. If you need anything, you can feel free to email me directly at VIP at stunning digital marketing calm. I’m your host Rob parents. I hope you always enjoy the content that we put out. And if I can help you in any way, please let me know. Please keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Please take care of your loved ones and take care of everybody around you. This podcast is dedicated to my late father Bruce Cairns and Jill’s late brother, Steven McLean. I hope you’re all doing well being safe. And I’ll catch you all soon. Bye for now.

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