Episode 31: How to Protect your Relationships on the Internet

By |2021-10-09T10:11:15-04:00September 4th, 2019|The SDM Show|

Show Notes Hi everyone, Robert Cairns here, I'm the CEO and Chief creator of meeting ideas of stunning digital marketing Comm. I hope you're all having a good day. Today I want to talk about something really important. It's about being a business owner and protecting yourself on the internet. Reality is that many people [...]

Episode 24 Quick Tips on Backing Up Your Business Data

By |2021-10-10T22:50:16-04:00July 26th, 2019|The SDM Show|

Show Notes 00:38 Hi everyone, Robert Cairns CEO and Chief creator of amazing idea to stunning digital marketing.com here, hope you're all well. Today I want to talk about backups for your data. One thing I would do is use the export function on all my cloud based applications to backup data having them on [...]

Episode 13 – Eric Jacksch Talks Security

By |2021-10-11T11:26:00-04:00March 29th, 2019|The SDM Show|

Show Notes 00:37 Hey Rob Cairns CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas that Stunning Digital Marketing comm the travel agency that helps your marketing and web development needs soar and generates leads that convert to conversions for your business. Today's episode, I'm with my good friend, Eric jackfish. Eric is based out of Ottawa, [...]

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