Episode 26: Show Respect In Your Business

Show Notes

Hi everyone, Robert Cairns here, I’m the CEO and Chief Curator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing Comm. I hope you’re having a great week. Today I wanted to talk about the issue of respecting business. This topic is really really important to me, to you to customers, potential customers, colleagues, friends and families. Be respectful of people’s time. Let me explain. many business owners miss out on this very important principle, they really don’t get the starts is a bit of a rant, please bear with me. As they explain this scenario. I had a salesperson after me for a call concerning his company CRM. We should also say I already have one. I will not name the company does have more respect than that. I received four emails asking me to book a call the fourth one. After I received it, I finally booked a call three days before the call, and answered a few quick questions on a question. 30 minutes before the call, I received an email with links to four quick response resources, saying we do not really need a call from you since you can read these What the Bleep I get that emergencies come up. But this was not an emergency firefight. I politely sent back an email and said since you seem disinterested in me, or my business, or having a call with me, I’ll move on. What did the sales rep not understand? What the sales rep did not get was he was disrespectful, disrespectful to me. And my time. I work hard and frankly would have booked something else to do during that time in advance. This is something that sales rep did not get. Now stop here that I get emergencies happen. That always happened, that wouldn’t have been an issue. It’s just the way this was handled. Let me give you a second scenario. We have all had that one person in our life who is 30 minutes late. Frankly, these people I have no time for they walk in late all the time, because they can’t. They cannot figure out why people are not happy with them. Being on time for meetings, and personal adventure goes along. The third major disrespects full issue is vendors and companies who do not respect your inbox. They get you on a mailing list, and then send you garbage to your inbox never providing any value. It’s either shady sales factors or just hard sales. This does not work anymore. Take the time to give your reasons something of value. If you bother to look at my newsletter that I put out for studying digital marketing comm I take the time to educate my customers and potential customers. I want to help people and build that relationship with people. Remember, marketing is like dating. For more. on this show, you can see the podcast episode I did on marketing is like dating. All three of these situations are ones as a business owner, I would try to avoid. They are not the way you want to present yourself. presentation and first impressions matters for your business. What I would suggest is treat people the way they want to be treated. If you do this, you can hold your head high. This is one of the things I live by. So what I would suggest is when you book a call in a meeting, keep it if you have to cancel give watch notice. Be respectful of people’s time. The second scenario, in the second one be on time, actually go one further, be five or 10 minutes early. This sets a really good impression. It also shows the person you’re meeting with that you really care that you’re interested in them. In the third scenario, give your reader some value in the newsletter. help them build a relationship with them. Relationships take time to build and remember Rome was not built in a day. Try to be more respectful people. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks. Thank you for always for giving me the chance to share parties day with me. I really do appreciate it. As always if I can help you in any way, please let me know. Have a great weekend everyone. Had a great week. Until the next time. Bye for now.



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