Episode 419: Why Use a Booking System?

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Rob Cairns talks about why he uses a booking system.

Show Highlights:

1. Why to use booking systems? 2. Booking systems save time. 3. The booking system can interface with Google Calendar

  1. Why use a booking system?
  2. Booking systems save time.
  3. The booking system can interface with Google Calendar.

Show Notes

 Hey all I’m Rob Cairns I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing in today’s Quick Tip Podcast, I wanna talk about why in my agency I use a booking link. And a booking system. So a long, long time ago I jumped on the tiny Cal bandwaggonMike. And for those who don’t know, tiny cow is an AppSumo original. So TidyCal cow works really, really well at rating booking items. So it interfaces with Gmail. And G suite and Google Calendar so that works really well for most people. And then I can send. I can have people go right to my schedule, look in a meeting, and then it sends them out a zoom link automatically. So reasons why I do this.

First of all it says the back and forth with clients on trying to book time or even in case of my podcast guests trying to book time with me. Second of all, it sends a zoom link automated third of all, it sends them to a thank you page, which it can use in a clients case or potential clients case and. Sell. So there’s all this and I don’t even have to get involved. There’s no back and forth emails. There’s no multiple phone calls. There’s no I have to create a link and send it. It’s all done for me. The time saving of doing this alone is worth every dime of doing it, and every ounce of. Time and frankly, it streamlines the process and This is why I use a booking system. In my case tidy cow 2999 US a lifetime deal. Yes, it’s an app sumo product, but I’ll be frank, it works better than calendly or any other system I’ve used.

I do not have an affiliate. It’s just an endorsement for product that I really, really like and I use every day I go so far on my agency page that if people want to book information calls about any of my products on the bottom of my website, there’s direct links. Or schedules that they can book right into my schedule right then and there. Quiet. You’ll streamline your agencies work or you’re even if you’re not an agency, your business or your communication. Do it now. Rob. Karen. Stunning digital marketing. Why are you so booking system? To make my life easy. Have a great day and bye bye for now

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