Episode 153: Why Some SBMs Think You Do Not Need a Website

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Highlights include:

  1. That counting on social media is a bad idea.
  2. Why SMB’s do need a website.
  3. Just because you focus on your niche does not mean you do not need a website.
  4. More o your customers go online then you think.

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From the center of the universe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the SDM show with your host Rob Cairns. The SDM show focuses on business life productivity, digital marketing, WordPress and more. Sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink and enjoy the show. Here is Rob.



Hi All Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Creative, amazing ideas at stunning digital market. hope everybody’s having a good day. In today’s show a podcast, I’m going to talk about a report that came out from PC mags business watch, saying Why doesn’t your business need a website? And as many you know, that’s a fact of business I don’t agree with. So let’s break it down and have the discussion, grab a drink, sit back, relax. And let’s get to this interesting topic.



Rob Cairns here again. So let’s get to this headline of a story that came out on September the 10th. From business watch PC Magazine, Why doesn’t your business need a website. And I want to break this down. And I want to talk about why many SBM small businesses don’t get this. And it’s a big issue. First of all, social media satisfies online business needs. 33% of all respondents said that, well, folks, there’s a problem with social media, and we’ve talked about it on this podcast before it’s rented land, you don’t own it, they can kick you off. And frankly, it can impact your business. And I’ll give me an eight example that directly impacts My business is I have to find creative ways around posting. Because Facebook will not post anything from stunning digital marketing. com, they say my domain does meet community standards. And this is what happens when you play on rented land. And I think this is a mistake. So I think that 33% really needs to give their head a shake, and kind of say, you know, enough is enough, we need a real website, then we’ll move on to the second point, we’ve never needed one. And that was 32% of all respondents. Well, I think that’s a big mistake as well. Every business needs an online presence. And they need to own that online presence. And frankly, you know, the where it goes is you do need a website to own your own presence. So that’s one of the things you can own to get away from rented land, then we get on to the third point they make is we focused on our niche, boy, and that’s 29%. Say, because we have our niche more focusing on it, we don’t need a web presence. Do I humbly disagree on that one, you do need a web presence, you did need to be able to reach out to your niche. And many of us in the marketing field to actually our niche on the type of services we provide. For example, generally, as a rule, I provide ads, I provide a web care packages, and I provide online marketing packages, but I don’t do what else. So I have niche down in terms of the products I offer. So I don’t agree with that at all. And frankly, a niche would be a really great way to kind of turn around and and tackle your niche by having a website that focuses on your niche. And it would actually give your potential customers and a way to get them to a landing page to an email list and to buy even if your niche down.



And then the fourth point I make is most of our customers don’t go online 29%. Well, I think you have to re examine that one. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Still, more and more people are buying online. The people I talked to even older people above 60 above 70 are buying online more today than ever before. And this is something we need to think about that people are buying online. And, you know, one of the article points that they make in this article and I want to quote if you’re operating any kind of small retail or service business, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by skipping a website. And I so agree with that. And then we go to full, we kind of follow up with the next comment. 26% of companies say don’t add the funds or to create and integrate ecommerce tools. Well guess what, folks? You’re leaving money on the table not having a website. In a small retail business. You should be online. You probably recoup those funds very quickly. So these are some food for thought. So did a business watch article, and my take on some of it. I hope it helps start to suggest to you that one of the things you need is a website. And by the way, the other thing you own is your email list. And your website can capture leads that convert to business. So think about it. don’t depend on social media only and rented land don’t depend on Instagram, which either people do build a store on a website, and you’ll be much better off. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for another solo episode and more interview episodes on the podcast. Thank you for listening to this edition of the SDM show. This podcast is brought to you by Stunning Digital Marketing. For links to Stunning Digital Marketing and Rob Cairns. Please go to stunningdigitalmarketing.info. This podcast is dedicated to Rob’s father Bruce Cairns. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars make your business succeed. Bye for now.

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