Episode 74: Rob Cairns and Todd Jones Talk The Impact of Covid-19

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Hey, Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of mazing ideas up at stunning digital marking.com. I hope everybody’s hanging in during the covid 19 crisis today. First we’ll get to the news of couple of COVID stories, a couple of non COVID stories. And then we’ll get on to the podcast, where I talked to my good friend Todd Jones, where we talked about COVID-19 impact to small business. Sit back, relax. And now on to the news.



Al thanks for joining me for today’s news segment. The first story is non COVID-19 related was a shock. Curly Neal, the longtime Harlem Globetrotter super dribbler passed away today at the age of 77. Have fun memories Akerley on ABC Wide World of Sports, entertaining fans from all over the globe. He was truly a global Ambassador COVID-19 crisis continues cases continue to climb. In Ontario, we’re into day two of a emergency a provincial emergency and two stores. Leon’s in a brick home by the same owner decide to stay open. Frankly, I hope the government finds them and I’m talking 1000s and 100 1000s of dollars for doing so. They had no business. There’s still a few price gougers out there with products but the Ontario government says they will deal with them accordingly. In some better news, if you want to join some live streaming, do some searches or some all kinds of artists doing performances from home to entertain people. Communities are coming together, which is absolutely amazing. So you know, check them out and be safe. And take care of your loved ones.



Everybody, Rob Cairns here with my good friend Mr. Todd Jones and Todd’s in Conway. Arkansas. Correct. And how are you today?



Oh, you did pretty good. I guess it started a little warm here today. So that’s a little bit. No rain right now. So that’s pretty good. We’ve had a lot of rain last week or so. And I’m pretty good.



And we all know and we’re doing good here. And we all know everybody’s in like the COVID-19 crisis mode we’ve taught and I spend way too much time on Facebook, probably I would say probably too much time on Twitter, and we know what’s going on in the world. And I’m in Toronto, so it’s a bit bigger city than Conway and we thought we talked about what’s going on in a smaller town setting you may be traveling is Toronto. 3 million in Toronto, and 6 million in the Greater Toronto Area.



Okay, so your Greater Toronto Area is twice the size of Arkansas and population. Yes. Yeah. A little bit of context.



Just throw it away. So what I thought I thought Todd was he made the trip to the grocery store today. We’ll start there. How did that go?



You know, it went pretty well. I mean, I had some rubber gloves I had on a mom made sure I had those put those on when to store because we have certain things that are in high demand but not very much there. And then paper products people want to last several times I’ve gone stores no toilet paper be added. So that was one of them, of course. And then we were we’ve been looking for clean wipes like Clorox wipes, too. I was able to get a canister of that today. And I bought some paper towels and I think I made a little tweet on Twitter about Hey, I got some paper towels I can trade for toilet paper. So they may get you to buy paper towels. So he switched it out for toilet paper is a good time kind of dude like brawny so



yeah, it’s actually at the point where Costco and believe it or not certain stores don’t have even things like flour and Toronto sugar I’ve been after in Toronto I finally got today and fate and things like that. So you know it’s it’s pretty, it’s pretty interesting. Is there anything else really missing in the small towns in the shelves, you know?



For I was a little interested that you know when I got in there in some areas like frozen vegetables and frozen fruit were low, they weren’t out. The pickings are slim, as we would say here, especially the vegetables, I was really surprised about that. So that was kind of unusual. Some things are starting to be, you know, of course, Tuesday and mid morning, and I don’t know, you can just see that people are just taking what they can at this point. And my boy, we’re really close to what I would imagine the actual apocalypse is like, you know, just very little, but we’re not, we weren’t out there. So playing store, it’s just certain things you can’t get hardly at all. And we’re not out or toilet paper or household. But it’s just one of those things where like, every time we go, we look, you know, because we know we’re gonna be out eventually. So yeah,



and I think, you know, I think the other thing you got to watch for, as I know, in Toronto, many grocery stores actually have marks every six feet on the floor by the cash. So you keep your social distancing, we’re going through some of that of signs up saying, keep it, many retailers are encouraging you to pay with debit or credit, so they don’t have to handle cash. They’re not doing cash back. We have several stores in Toronto that sell lottery tickets, and they’re not selling lottery tickets right now, if you want them you gotta go online. I mean, you know, there’s some of that going on.



That’s going here, it’s very possible. I didn’t see six five feed line markers. I the line I was in, I was like relay in front of me. So it was pretty, we were pretty well spread apart. Went to wasn’t too crowded. You gotta remember, we’re a very rural town, very real city or state very real estate. And I think probably, in general, most people here have a little bit more space than you might be live in the city and can maybe stock up a few more things. And then some, some people can do you know, you got a bigger house or a little bit more space or a storage area, and you can get that extra two or three packages of toilet paper. So that may play into as well.



Yeah, are you are you guys experiencing any issues where you’re starting to close banks or things like that it in a small town at this point?



Ya know, my, my one of my bases closed, I think all of them actually have closed their lobby, you know, so they all have drafters. I mean, most of them. Yeah. And so you can pretty much take care of what you need to be a little bit. A little bit more inconvenient, but maybe more convenient. If you think about it. I’m kind of with with something like a bank or rarely go. So I don’t have a problem getting out and going in and actually talking to somebody and get them to help me with stuff if I need to. So But yeah, I think most banks you’re closer, long peace.



You know, we we still have cabinet, we have some drive throughs and the sub night and I was in a bank today and what else? What I’ll tell you is that particular bank had somebody standing at the door saying what did you need to come in for and asking you basically saying if you could do it from the machine, do it from the machine. And unfortunately, one of the pearls of apartment living is you still have to do laundry. And one of the pros to doing laundry is you need quarters, the moonies and the only way the only place you get them into the bank. And of course, you and I are both sports fans. And there’s not a lot to watch on TV right now.



Free runs. Yeah, I think that you have to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I understood, right. NASCAR did their vert did their show virtual a virtual race day. And in this is the time of year in dirt. You know, dirt track racing in the rural area in the states are pretty is pretty big. This is the time of year you would start tracking and start having like, play days and stuff like that. Of course I don’t doubt any of them are doing that right now. So and of course, March Madness will be going on right now. So that’s gone. It’s just kind of an interesting time of sports. either love or hate this time of year because there’s no football but about every other sport there is playing mind you like oh



my god, she fell. Yeah, yeah, cuz I fell in a



plane. Yeah, they were doing well. And in fact, I noticed that Carolina sign that quarterback next. But anyway, yeah, you know, with the exception of they actually fell. There’s no football so if you’re a huge football fan, you don’t really like this time of year. But if you like all the other sports, this is a great time of year. You have golf, you have hockey. You have a basketball, NBA and college. You have golf, you know, racing, you got all that at the same time. And then you had the NFL combine in the draft and you have baseball, college baseball shoes in the south, because most of the best teams are from the south. With the exception of was it last



year Michigan one thing is Come on. Yep.



Yeah. So anyway you have, you know, and our fans are, we’ve had a really good baseball team. It’s University Arkansas for a while. So our fans are really passionate about wanting to pay a bill. Watch those guys play. There’s really something cool and special about sitting outside when the weather’s nice. Yeah, watching a baseball game. Even I mean, I like baseball, live much better than I do on TV. And I would go watch my nephew when he play in high school and I get it, I’d always get a bag of peanuts, Doc Doc, Dr. Pepper, and sit there and eat those peanuts while you played. But you know, those days are passed. But yeah, there’s not much. And then of course, you and I are big in wrestling and wrestling and empty arena. And I have been amazed how they attempted to carry storylines. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully. Both the WWE and a W. And I think last week you meet if I had to be honest with you. As far as wrestling and or in theory, now they need a W one that they had, they had never number matches in the arena. They had they had some people at ringside, usually other wrestlers, which kind of gave a little bit you know, gave some interaction. There’s a four way women’s match that was going on and and then they had the debut of Mr. Delete himself. So that was a big win for AWS NXT. What I saw was just doing a video vignette on ciampa and fargana. It was really good. But it was like it took up the least the whole first hour. Yeah. So they’re, they’re scrambling. And every day, I think you hear something different about what they’re going to do with WrestleMania. And



I almost wonder if it won’t go and you and I were talking about this on Facebook chat the other day, and you kind of look at what’s gone on with another fighting channel called UFC and they’ve basically canceled and in the last I read today was they’re guaranteed a spot for their next fight. And guess what? They they won’t say where? Because they’re afraid somebody can shut them down. You know?



Yeah. UFC to me is a different deal. I mean, we know wrestling is kind of scripted. Professional wrestling is kind of scripted. And they, they, you know, they can control whether or not someone has blood mostly, you know, you say we’re gonna do this. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in contact. I’m not excusing that at all, but I’m just saying, but I was watching some rest of us they had a lot of UFC matches over the weekend on ESPN, their reruns running like when I was a Conor McGregor, he, Nate Diaz.



I like Conor McGregor. And I’ll tell you one of the best interviews I ever heard was Conor McGregor with Tony Robbins. Talking about the mindset of a UFC fighter. Absolutely. Like everybody thinks Conor is a big tough guy. I gotta tell you what an amazing interview What an amazing interview



but that match both those guys were leaving pretty good by the third round and I’m thinking there’s no way you can have those kind of matches at a time like this. Yep, wrestling. If you know both guys are healthy. You can do it and tell them that you know, unless there’s an action that cannot be bought,



and and we were talking about that before we came on Ray Mysterio for one is under quarantine is the head cuz



I you know, you told me that I hadn’t heard that. But you know, it doesn’t surprise me and one of the things I thought about Vince bringing them to the former center the way I would do it was like quarantine them in the Performance Center. That way you can check them off and make sure you’re healthy. Those are not healthy quarantine them. The others you leave with one percenter ran out of hotel you have to whatever keep them away from a house and leave them but you got to do that they’re gonna be there probably a month at least. But you could still do your stuff. Yeah, the big problem. I think WrestleMania is so much of what pro wrestling is is a reaction from the crowd. I agree. You know, as your as a performer. Whether you’re Brock Lester the ultimate heel, or right now Drew McIntyre is the face and that match those two are coming down. When Brock comes out with Paul Heyman, they know they’re doing the job if people are booed, or if they’re reacting, whether they’re booing or cheer, it’s kind of like john cena, he gets a boo and cheer at the same time, and he doesn’t care because he knows that the fans are responding to him. When Drew McIntyre comes out, he wants to get the loudest pop, they call it us to lessen the knackered for cheer. And that’s how you know, and then as the match goes on. That’s how you know the crap out of the crowds in it. You know, you’re doing a job well, without that, I don’t see how you can. And so if they do it, and they go through with it, kudos to them for doing it. I will say this. I watched the tag team match Friday night. I believe it was between heavy machinery. Who are my guys and Miz and Morrison? Who I can’t stand? Yeah, that’s her job. Right? Yeah. I appreciate the heck out of his because he is the most annoying he’ll ever ease that



pain in the you know where?



Yeah, yeah. But that’s what he’s supposed to do. No, he doesn’t. Well, does. He makes you mad. He does his thing. And I think the show they have with him and his wife is hilarious. But anyway, they are they are the ultimate face, or I’m sorry, heel tacking right now. And they were wrestling heavy machinery. And they continue the storyline with Otis and Dolph Ziggler. Brought Ziggler out there and and and I’ma tell you, those four guys plus dawn Stigler. They handle that really well. He did a great job of carrying it around. But I’m telling you, I believe in my heart, it’s gonna be hard for those performers. Think about something like changing diapers or first time to be at WrestleMania. Yeah. And she’s not going to do it in front of a large crowd. How does she know if what she’s doing is working? You know,



it’s not all you



get is a pat on the back from Ben. So maybe the check they give you but you’re not gonna know from the crowd standpoint if what you’re doing is,



you know, it’s not just wrestling though, like, one of the things that you and I are both big fans of is March Madness. Could you and I’ve been to I’ve had the pleasure of being to the Final Four. I went to the Indianapolis in the late 80s. At the Indianapolis dome was 75,000 people screaming fans.



That’s a one circus one. Yep.



That was one, sir. Here’s one. And let me tell you and Syracuse is up this way, not far on the other side of Lake Ontario. And hearing all those fans, it was just incredible. Can you imagine that? I actually think without the fans in the stands, the score stays low. The comeback runs don’t happen. And everything else kind of doesn’t happen kind of thing. And



I agree. You don’t have a year that I’ll tell you. And I know that you know there’s a reason home news went a lot, right. Yeah, their fans can really will them on and I think Arkansas, the Razorbacks showed that this year, we we played some monster games at home, we didn’t win them all. But we had our share of comebacks on the road as well, but the comebacks really seemed to happen at home. And so



and I see you know, I’m a staunch Raptors fan. Yeah. Ron Oh, and, and I have to tell you, our fans are some of the greatest fans in the league. They’re loud. And I can’t just imagine walking in to an arena and I’ve and I bid in the Raptors practice facility, and it’s like quiet. And, and I know these guys get charged. I have a friend of mine. In another sport. His name is Jim veltman. And he’s one of the greatest professional lacrosse players ever to play the game. He’s He’s a school teacher professionally. And Jim, one of the things Jim said is what a biggest Headrush your part time job is the walk on the floor in Toronto before 18,000 fans who need to head rush with that going on so I get that.



I mean, there’s some really good NBA arenas and you know, we’re we have about four within this area that a lot of people here will go to Oklahoma City, as a lot of fans go there to Memphis is probably the closest New Orleans and Dallas. Those are all pretty close and a lot of fans marks on all those. You go watch. In fact, we have an Arkansas kid playing for Memphis right now. So you know, and there was a there was a kid from the region back to play a Dallas. Oh, he’s still there. But you know, we’ve got a lot of fans here that are Oklahoma City fans. You know, Memphis fans Grizzlies. Yeah. They don’t go just to see the team though. They also go to see like, maybe look, mom’s in town that night. Yeah. Either. Maybe the Raptors are in town. Maybe Steph Curry’s in town. Yeah. And so that’s another reason that goes your chance to see, you know, the big star.



Yeah, let’s switch gears from in house. Small Business coping and Conway with everything going on in the world.



I have seen people in bothers bombers I know in the area, like, you know, maybe they they have a cleaning business or, you know, lady I know makes custom soaps, that kind of thing. So they’re very face to face, you know, and they’ve had to adjust. And so lady I know runs cleaning business. I heard her say sarcee on Facebook that she was doing consultations using zoom now. And the client of mine sent me a message last week, Hey, can we get some on the website, I can do my consultation sheet and he consults windows. He sells other things, the Windows is his primary deal. And so he’s got a certain way he doesn’t you gives free consultations, which we don’t so much in our world, but in that world, they do free consultations. And so he likes to go meet them. And I mean, he likes to look now until now and build trust with him. But he’s offering to do that via FaceTime. Now. So you always had to be a little innovative for some of these kinds of businesses versus you know, the digital businesses like ours. And we have, of course, the SBA is trying to offer some assistance to people are really affected. The restaurants, I know they’d lay people off because they really can’t use the service right now all one guy know, luckily, he got laid off at least three jobs one day, and I know at least one or two of those were being a server restaurant. Yeah, yeah. But the restaurants haven’t closed per se, they just closed the dining room, they’re still doing curbside takeout and drive to the habit. But because you close the dining area, you don’t really use serves. So I noticed an RV company offering and this is from Little Rock, which is a capital 30 minutes away. They offer some RVs for healthcare professionals, because you can’t really go home. I think some hotels have done the same thing here as well to offer you know, because nobody’s going to vacation so and then we’ve had they did a story at the local channel last week about a couple who is getting married and everything had to be both home. They they’re in Texas now. They’re getting married here and then they’re gonna live in Texas so the wedding I think they’re gonna come up and go to the courthouse and do the lead legal part of it, you know, and then have celebration later whenever things settle down. But they’ve had to deal with like, Oh, we had flowers or cake ordered venue ordered. And they got to cancel postpone early enough that it really didn’t hurt him too much on that.






didn’t hurt the flowers because they hadn’t ordered the flower didn’t hurt the cake because they hadn’t made the cake and loose stuff yet. And all that kind of thing. And so in the I know, you know, my niece got married right before all this hit. And it was a big wedding. They had a debt, President Clinton library in Little Rock. And just went all out on it. And like the following week, like the wedding was Saturday, Wednesday night, mom and I were watching Razorbacks SEC Tournament. And while we’re watching the game, it came across to the NBA shut down season. Yeah, everything just started dominantly from



there. And to be fair, it was really the NBA and the NHL, the National Hockey League that started the domino, debate. And then the big Domino to go back yesterday was Canada made an announcement Sunday night, they would not be going to the Olympics, Australia followed behind. And then of course, like yet last date, which was Monday night, we hear what’s happening, that the Olympics are postponed, but that was because Canada started the domino. And yeah, and started that mess. So



yeah, they probably have a couple big countries who said, you know, we’re not going to go that makes them start to rethink it. And but they really should, it should have got to that point. I don’t think I mean, I know Olympics is a big deal. It’s every four years and you got athletes and Canada, United States and other countries that are like just selling out for this event. But you know, Yeah, it’s just, I don’t I, there’s a mom. So she’s never seen anything like it. And, you know,



she called her mom todra 74. Okay, my mom’s 75. And my brother lives with my mom. And we’ve basically forbid my mom to go anywhere right now with all this stuff going on. Because we all know the high risk category is 65 and up pretty well. So,



yeah, you got a lot of stuff going around other controversial stuff.



But yeah, we don’t need to. Yeah, I agree. It’s funny, I was in the bank today. And I was talking to one of my favorite bank tellers, and we were having a conversation a week ago, when I was in there how she was she had to cancel a trip to Montreal from Toronto. And because of all this, and the conversation we had a week ago was, we both expected this to pull up from you know, so



it is questions about how much longer it will last? When is when will it be flattened? When will be the peak? And I just thought, you know, and some people obviously think it’s overblown. And I have to admit, there are days that I wonder one way or the other? Is it really worth all this, and I’m not a healthcare professional, I don’t work at that kind of knowledge. Whenever I’ve talked to friends or in the business, they’re like, yeah, we gotta take it seriously. So



yeah, it is serious. What I would say, having worked through SARS, in the epi Center, which first charts was strong, we need to take it seriously. People need to listen to governments, and governments need to get on the same page. So I really don’t want to turn this call this chat into a political chat. But one thing I’m thankful for is in Gander, right now, our governments all on the same page. And I think that’s kind of helping our situation a little bit. I know we have a mutual friend defender, who’s in, in India, and India is going to full lockdown as of tonight. They just now



Yeah. And we’re basically in full lockdown in Ontario free central services only. So we’ve done that.



I came home last Friday, I think it was or maybe Thursday, Friday. And the guy across the street and his daughter works for the local police department and he had somebody else’s got some kind of things. And he said, the word is that we’re going to have lockdown really soon. And come from some credible sources. And I took that very seriously, I’d already kind of brought myself home anyway. And so we haven’t had a mandated lockdown, it’s more or less, we really, really think you should stay home unless necessary. So uh, but we probably going to have to get to that, actually, because you still have people that shouldn’t be out wandering around that are wandering out wandering around. And, you know, we saw what happened Florida, and I don’t like it that year. But



our prime, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out in an interview yesterday at 11 o’clock, his news briefing, and he started about it out with the words just stay home. And he was actually angry. And today while I was out for a walk in my community, there was a sign in front of a Jewish synagogue. And the basically what the sign read was, please stay home staying home saves lives. And I think we just got to get to the point, unfortunately, Todd where we bite the bullet and just deal with this and, and support each other and do what we’re doing. Get on the zoom chat, chat on facebook, pick up the phone and call people. If you got to go out. call somebody older than you especially older than 65 and say, Can I get you anything? And



can you bring me in the Jewish synagogue put the sign up? And I think that was good. And I know some there’s a there’s a great deal of strength and community faith community meeting together. And I understand that as well. It wasn’t it really appreciate the podcasts you had the other day your friend talking about how churches is constrained? I’m glad. Yeah. And so you know, our church has been doing that for over well over a year and we have some others that are scrambling to do that. It’s really not that hard to do. You know, my mom was telling me that even the church might goes to back in Batesville is a really, really, really small church with an older congregation even they are doing it. And I said well, there’s somebody there knows how to do it. And it’s all that’s all there is to it.



really all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop and if you want to do it on a cheap go get a C 920 Logitech camera and get a good audio source. And what I really liked for audio sources is and we talked Jeff and I talked about this is go get a Sennheiser remote kit. So basically, the way the remote kit comes is it comes with a dongle that will screw into an XLR soundboard, which is the standard soundboard, that most audio mics use professionally. And then they have a receiver that you can plug right into a laptop for good audio in and away you go. And now it’s about 1000 bucks, the cameras a couple 100 or 100. away you go. And that’s doing it on the real cheap. So yeah,



yeah. I mean, it just it can be done fairly easily. Even if you’re a really small carnation. I reckon you could use a smartphone and really do it. Where there have been some churches that have basically done kind of a drive thru type deal here. I don’t know what that if that really saves anything or not. But at least they’re trying somewhat to observe the six feet roll.



Yeah, that’s cute. Let’s just, you know, as as RPM says, and you know, we are all in this together. And I don’t mean just again, I think worldwide, we’re all



all our friends in Italy are just real. And I’ve never seen anything like that in Spain.



We have a mutual friend who’s in Germany. Yeah.



Yeah, yeah,



yeah. Yeah.



Yeah. Well, we got each other. We’re



all over the world.



Yeah, it’s so yeah, it’s, well, I now did have a conversation with the guy last week from Nigeria. And the tropical climates have not had the kind of problems we have, obviously, like you said they had one case that was up like Friday or something like that.



That’s gonna change. I hate to tell you,



it probably will. But the tropical monitor, I did notice when I looked at the world maps, and maybe it goes under reported? I don’t know. But I noticed that Africa was largely fairly untouched compared to the rest of the world. So I don’t know maybe that it could be because as I reported, I don’t know. But yeah, we’ve got friends all over the world. And, and they’re all mean, I think you guys finally done a real lockdown. And in. So three weeks now.






So So, you know,



all I can say is, and I think you shared this sentiment, let’s just take care of each other, take care of our families, take care of her friends. Worry about, you know, if you get bored, dude, do what Todd and I are doing jump on a zoom call. You don’t have to record it. But you know, share some time with some people. I’ve been doing Facebook Lives



with the local media site that I run with local people. And I’ve done too Now I got 31, scheduled for Thursday. And then you know, I think it’s, you know, it’s just something people do. And you really can do some stuff I wanted to do all along, that I’ve been putting off. And I think this might be an interesting scenario, see where it goes. I think both of them have done pretty well and response. And I’m trying to get them far enough ahead of time that I can actually make an event on the Facebook page, and then kind of promoted a little bit. So I’ve seen musicians, I don’t know if anybody wants to listen or musician. You can stream yourself playing as well. I have seen that twice in the last week,



whenever we have a guy in the Toronto area is offering free guitar lessons on his Instagram page every day. Sure, and he’s doing really well with it.



Yeah, I think it’s a great idea. I mean, but musicians and other can’t do that. That’s a big problem, because many of them play and for some of them, that’s their main source of income. And the places are shut down. And so what my friend Townsend did Friday night, she she had about three or four ways you can do tips. Every time she played so much. She got a tip jar, and then she has merged so she put she set up a place and had her roommate to record it and her dog Bailey made an appearance and you know, it was really good. And she had cash app Venmo PayPal, like three or four different ways you can do a donation, and I was pretty well done. So I saw another couple of things in Northwest Arkansas, somebody else posted. They were really good. They were playing and they were in their PJs that kind of called the PJ It was very good. They were they didn’t Fuck it. So I think that’s a unique thing that musicians can do. You can take advantage of the the payment apps to get your tips and even sell your merchandise from your website. So sometimes you just have to think outside the box a little bit.



I agree. Anyway, Thank you. Todd is one of the best copywriters. I know he’s down to earth, he’s really good at what he does. If somebody’s looking for some copywriting stuff now, and I do encourage businesses to get their stuff done now, because you got to plan for the inevitable of your business starting backups. How’s the best way to get a hold of



coffee flat.com email me at Tata coffee flat.com. If you’re interested in that, and get you set up,



then and check out Todd’s free web page framework, homepage framework, sorry,



Daddy’s home page and about page framework. If you go to the web, the blog post that’s about home pages, yep. The home page frameworks there and if you go to the blog posts about the about pages, the about page framework is there and they’re they’re part of the website copy framework. You get more you buy the entire copy framework. I’ve actually had some copywriters who recently other copywriters I know look at it, and they’re like, this is really good. So I’m really pleased with that. And I will offer the one off for you know, your regular business owner consultant to help but your webpage or website, and then I’m working on releasing a white label for other agencies. Interestingly, a copywriter, but the first one so you know, I guess if you’re an agency of any kind, digital marketing, copywriting content marketing, or website agency could






your client rights or content. So yeah,



there you go. Anyway, thanks, Todd. You have an awesome day and Ted, will you be well and take care of yourself. Talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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