Episode 303: Why You Need A WordPress Security Expert in Your Back Pocket

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why you need a WordPress Security Expert.

Show Highlights:

  1. Major companies that have been hacked.
  2. Why you can not manage your own security.
  3. You need someone and lives and breaths security.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here. Today I wanted to jump in and talk about whether you need a WordPress security professional. In your back pocket. And sort of look at what’s going on in the landscape and let’s have a bit of a chat. In the last well, it started in December with the LastPass tobacco password manager.

Major companies in Ontario LCBO the Liquor Control Board of Ontario Sick Kids Hospital. Chapters and indigo in the US and the world, T-Mobile, Google 5 and it goes on. There’s nation state hackers. And there’s regular hackers. And this has all become a bit of a concern. In the world. And we’ve also at the point right now where people say I’m a small entrepreneurs website. I don’t need to worry about that. Nobody’s going to come after me. That’s not true. One of my clients emailed me last night. A report out of, I think security on their website saying there are. Invalid login attempts. So they do happen because what these hackers do is they go after smaller sites to use the sites to get to bigger sites or cause more malicious problems. And that’s something we need to remember. So if you as a small business or an entrepreneur want to protect your reputation. Then you need to protect your website and that’s having the proper security. The proper hosting, which is part of your security solution in place.

And it is no longer. Possible to do it yourself DIY I security. Most business owners don’t live and breathe security. Most business owners don’t know how to lock down the website properly quickly. And most business owners aren’t sure how to do that. So that’s where having a security professional matters. Get one who will, like myself, who will? Offer you a security care plan. And take care of all that for you. And then you’re being proactive and not reactive. It’s food for thought. I would rather be doing all the work upfront than doing it reactive because once we get to reactive. Then the costs go up. And frankly. The success rate comes down. And one of the biggest things is. People don’t take regular backups, and that’s an issue, so let’s start doing the right things upfront. And helping ourselves protect our business. Rob Cairns. Founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas talking about security. And being proactive. And why you need a security professional in? Your back pocket.


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