Life and It’s Challenges

  Life has enough challenges in todays high paced world for more of us to deal with. The last 6 to 8 months has been challenging and then some. I thought today I would write about something a little different. The personal me. I am not looking for sympathy or eveb empathy. The reasons for [...]

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Life’s Challenges and Where I Have Been

The last 9 weeks have been some of the most challenging that I have ever had. As many of you know I have had a relationship. Because I respect Kelli I am not going to talk publicly about our split All I can say is life could not be better. One of these days when [...]

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Talking a Break

The last few months has been personally challenging for me. There are a large number of factors which include in no particular order: My business, Kelli's health, community projects, family issues, friends issues and over all lifestyle. IN it all I cut back my time blogging and on social media dramatically. Did I need the [...]

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