Episode 429: More Changes to the SDM Show

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about changes to the SDM Show. This included adding a new segment.

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. Today I wanted to talk about some changes for the good for the US Team show podcast. As many of you know, I already do a monthly segment with my co-host Ryan Waterbury where we touch. Done everything to do with agencies. And and businesses. And I also do a biweekly segment now with Todd Jones. Every second Monday. Where we talk about copywriting with Todd Jones and all things copyright. So the latest regular segment. I’ve got. And I I love to tell you about is my good friend Tim Nash. Starting next Monday the 1st Monday of every month is gonna do a security segment with me, and we’re gonna do that once a month without failure. So that’s to help you protect your business, protect your website. And more from all those hackers and all the problems. And we’re gonna help you walk you through how to make your business world a little more. If. So security with Tim Nash coming with you a week today, next Monday, I hope you like it. Let me know what you. Think and I’ll. Talk to you all soon. Bye for now.

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