Episode 325: Should You Be On Twitter?

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about if you should be on Twitter.

Show Notes:

  1. Should you be on Twitter?
  2. What Twitter is really good for.
  3. Where do your customers go?

Show Notes

Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns I’m the founder, CEO and. Chief creator of. Amazing ideas over here at stunning digital marketing. I hope you’re all having a great Tuesday. As many of you may or may not know, the STM show the Quick Tip segment is gonna go live every Tuesday at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, so. You can catch it now or catch it in the podcast feed or catch it on YouTube on the replay.

If you choose to, so today’s topic is one that really wanted to jump into, and that’s about should you be on Twitter and why you should not ignore Twitter now, other people think Ohh Twitter’s a problem right now. You got Elon Musk kicking on around out there and he’s causing all kinds of problems with the blue check mark and the API and all kinds of stuff. So a lot of people in the WordPress community have actually moved to Mastodon, and I’m about to start playing with Blue Sky and one of the reasons I’m looking at both master and and boost guy is as somebody is in TuneIn social media, I need to know what’s going on. Out there. So that’s really. Now my argument is why you should not ignore Twitter is as a business owner, you need to look at where your clients are and where your customer base is. Most people don’t care about the inside baseball or the inside scoop of any of these networks. They don’t care about. What Elon did with the book check, mark. They don’t care about the free speech. They just want someone to communicate with their customer base. And the reality is, if your customers are sitting on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter. If your customers, for example, are sitting on LinkedIn, then you need to be on LinkedIn as a small business owner, you cannot be in all places all the time. That’s just not gonna happen. But what you can do is go where your customers are hanging out. So for me, in my business, most of my clients are on Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s where I spend the bulk of my time. It’s very simple. I don’t spend as much time on Facebook anymore, cause the reality of it all. Is I don’t. Get a lot of customer base from Facebook. That’s interesting. So. Kind of look at it this way. Decide where your customers are. And how much time you have and where you should spend your energy. That’s really the best tip. So if you’re customers on Twitter, you shouldn’t be ignoring it. The other reason not to ignore Twitter, frankly, is it’s the best place for breaking news.

Last night, before we did this live, I was sitting around streaming Twitter and I found out Gordon Lightfoot, the legendary Canadian singer, die. Where did I find that? Out on Twitter. So for breaking news, it’s the best place as well. It’s a couple of reasons customer base breaking. That’s my two cents of my thoughts

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