Episode 180: Goals Over Resolutions

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Rob Cairns talks about why goals are better than resolutions.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why goals are better.
  2. Planning for 2022 success.
  3. Short term goals leaded to long term goals.

Show Notes


Hi everybody, Rob here again, in today’s podcast, I really wanted to talk about the different student resolutions and goals and to help you make 2022 The most successful year yet. Frankly, I personally think resolutions are a waste of time. They’re usually unattainable, not measurable. And, frankly, you don’t work well. And things like I’m going to start a weight loss program the day after New Year’s, and I’m going to go on a diet today where New Year’s and that’s my resolution. And I’m going to lose 100 pounds. But there’s no steps in the middle to measure that. And that’s a really, really bad idea. I actually think, you know, doing stuff, thinking New Year’s Eve changes everything on a dime. Because we’re in a new year is a bad idea. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. So the way I treat planning is I like to set goals. And I set short term goals, which very often lead to a long term goal. So let’s give you an example of that. A long term goal might be I want to save $1,000 in my savings account. And then the question is how do you get to that long term goal? A short term goal might be I need to save $50 a week off my paycheck together to that long term goal. And then you got to measure it, you got to make sure you stay on track for that long term goal. And you got you got to make yourself accountable. Resolutions just typically don’t work for most people. A system is short term goals and long term goals do work. And it’s the same thing in the business world. When we measure projects, we have short term milestones. And we have long term milestones, same idea, think of the milestones as a goal. So you got to achieve the short term things to get to the long term things. Looking at things in one big chunk, oh, I need to make $1,000 Oh, I need to pay this big debt off at five grand isn’t going to get you there. Because the more astronomical the bigger the cast, the harder it is to focus. So take your tasks, your goals and break them down into those short term goals. And let’s work on those which I help you achieve your bigger goal. And if you think about that, in this sense, then it’s a lot easier. And life becomes much, much more easier. So just some food for thought. Don’t do resolutions, do goals, short term and long term goals. And maybe the short term goals lead to a middle goal which we do long term goals, that’s fine to also make sure you can measure them. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your goals. So after a while, go back and say I’m reevaluating what I’m doing and this is a good idea. Don’t be afraid to do that either. Because sometimes you have to adjust your goals things happen. Things come out of nowhere. Think about that as well. Rob Cairns Founder CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, talking a little bit about how to be successful with goals. And please don’t do resolutions. Bye for now.

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