Episode 212: Tips From The Legends of WordPress Podcasting

Show Summary Rob Cairns sits down with Nathan Wrigley and Bob Dunn to talk podcasting. Bob, Nathan and Rob have all had shows that have hit episode 200 in the last month so enjoy the amazing conversation from these Podcast experts. Show Highlights: Podcast origin stories. Tips about recording your podcast. Technical issues that have…

Episode 210 What is GroundHogg?

Show Summary Rob Cairns sits down with Groundhogg founder Adrian Tobey to talk about what is Groundhogg? Show Highlights: What is Groundhogg? Why was Groundhogg developed? Why run a CRM inside WordPress? Why even use a CRM? Types of CRM funnels? Show Notes Everybody Rob Cairns. Today I’m here with Adrian Tobey of Groundhogg fame….