Episode 53: Things I Love About The Internet

Show Summary In this episode. Rob Cairns talks about some of the things he loves most about the Internet. Rob even shares a real personally story about his life which might not have happened without the Internet. Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy this week's episode. [...]

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Episode 52: Some Things That Bother Me On The Internet

Show Summary In this episode. Rob Cairns talks about some issues with the Internet and how people communicate with it. Rob gives suggestions on how people who use the Internet cane make things better for the community at large. Sit back relax and learn.. [...]

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Episode 25 The Art of Saying NO!

Show Notes Hi Everyone, Robert Cairns here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing.com. Today I want to talk about something that can help you in business and in life. That is the art of saying no! No what do you mean you might [...]

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Communication is Important

One of the things that are really important is communication or the lack of communication. It is really important to your business success. Communication with clients will help or break clients. At StunningDigitalMarketing,com we always start every project with a signed contract. One of the reasons is protection for both parties involved. The contract [...]

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