Episode 396: Job Loss and AI

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about if AI causes Job Loss.

Show Highlights:

1. Will AI cause job loss?

2. How AI will impact jobs.

3. Embrace AI.

Show Notes

Rob Cairns here. How is everybody doing today in today’s podcast, I really want to talk about the subject that’s on my mind lately and that’s does AI artificial intelligence cost jobs? Well, I spend a lot of time in the WordPress space and we’ve been down this road before. And we’ve even been down this road in history. So let me give you an example. Years ago, somebody developed and when I say years ago, hundreds of years ago, somebody developed the printing press. And that made book prediction easier? Did it cost jobs? Not really. Still books, we still people that produce books. What we now have is an automated way of doing things. In the WordPress space, people develop page builders and these are kind of ways to building websites within WordPress without hard coding. All your HTML and CSS code. Did they cost jobs? Not really either it was just a faster way for designers and developers to build websites. And using the great content. Content management system like WordPress that helps too. So did all these tools cost jobs? Not really. It just revolutionized or changed how we do this. So for all those AI naysayers out there, say don’t embrace AI. It’s gonna cost jobs. I would argue that you better embrace AI because it’s a tool that’s going to be in your toolbox, certainly in the creative field for a long time to come. So what you need to do. Is embrace artificial intelligence. Learn how to use the tool and that actually makes you more marketable than if you didn’t know AI. Because then you can go to a prospective company and say, hey, I have all these great tools in my toolbox and AI understanding is one of them. So my argument is that AI certainly doesn’t cost jobs. It does make your life easier, Rob Cannon, CEO, chief creator of Mazing. Ideas of stunning digital marketing talking a little bit today about my thoughts. If AI cost jobs have a. Great day. Bye. Bye for now


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