Episode 207: Consistency in Marketing Matters

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why consitency in Marketing matters.

Show Highlights:

  1. Constancy Matters.
  2. It takes 7 to 15 touches to get people to notice you.
  3. Quantity can matter as well.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob  here again.

In today’s podcast, I want to talk about something really important in the marketing game and its consistency and repetition.

And the reason I do is one of the things people have a problem with is they always say I don’t get enough eyes on my blog post.

People aren’t reading my newsletter.

People aren’t listening to my podcast, and I personally believe a lot of that is due to the lack of consistency.

They put out a newsletter when they feel like it.

They might do a blog post on a Monday one week or Wednesday the next week or Friday the next week.

And frankly.

With the podcasts, they’re just all over the map.

So let’s kind of break it down in marketing.

What really matters is consistency and repetition consistency.

Are you putting out a newsletter?

Does it go out every Monday?

Are you doing a podcast?

Does it go out on a regular basis?

In my case, three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And the more you’re consistent, the more people look for that information or to consume it, whether it’s audio, video.

Or written.

Consistency will put eyeballs on your stuff.

Now repetition, have you ever watched traditional media and why Coca Cola?

Puts out.

Hundreds of ads every week because the more people see it, the more it matters.

We’re now in a stage where we know it takes at least 7 to 15 touches, meaning 15 times that people see consume.

Interact with you before they even think about your price.

And that’s really a big deal.

And not only is it that many touches, I’ve read discussion lately that can be as high as 30 touches.

The higher the value of the product you’re trying to sell.

The more touches it takes to get people to buy and people need to remember that.

So if you’re a marketer, first thing you need to do is be consistent, and the second thing you need to do is repetition.

If you do those two things, I guarantee you’ll get eyes on your stuff and what you’re trying to sell and what you’re trying to promote.

So consistency.

And repetition, try those today and I’m sure your marketing efforts will be well rewarded for it.

I hope that’s a big help to you all, and if I can help in any way, please reach out at VIP at stunning digitalmarketing.com.

A great day.

Bye bye for now.

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