Where Has The Time Gone?

  The last 3 months I have been insane from a personal and a business perspective. It has been all amazing but it has not allowed me to do any blogging and working on my business site. It is all called a happy problem. I thought I would take the time to explain what is [...]

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Protect Your Domain Now Just Do It!

As a small business owner you need to protect your domain now. As the Nike slogan says "Just Do It!". You will say that you have a domain that is registered and as a result it is protect. Believe it or not that is not necessarily the case. There are a number of reasons why [...]

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ArsTechnica.com has been hacked

Late yesterday I received an email saying Ars Technica had been hacked. One more site to change your password on! Please see the email below:   _____________________________________   You are receiving this email because you may have - at some point - registered as a user on ArsTechnica.com. Our site was recently hacked. Log files [...]

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Time Is Money in a Small Business

    There is an old saying in business "time is money". Despite that saying one of the things many small businesses do not do well is maximise the time they have to run the business.  In the end not maximizing time ends up costing a business owner money. One scenario I often like to [...]

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