Episode 36: Talking About The Copywriter Framework with Todd Jones

Show Notes: Rob Cairns   Okay, I'm here with Todd Jones today and we're gonna talk copywriting. How are you today? Todd Jones Well, it's not quite as hot today. So maybe I'll do okay. I don't have any weather, unfortunately. Rob Cairns Yeah, it's getting to be [...]

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Episode 19 Todd Jones Talks Headlines

A Little Background It is a pleasure to be joined by my good friend Todd Jones this week. Todd is a copywriter who has a lot of wisdom to offer. You can reach Todd via his website Copyflight. Show Notes Introduction: Welcome [...]

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Episode 11 Todd Jones talks Copywriting.

Show Summary Todd Jones sits down with host Rob Cairns and talks copywritting. Todd and Rob talk about the importance of copywritting and why it matters to your business. Sit back, relax and enjoy the podcast. Subscribe to The Podcast [...]

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