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Engagement Facebook vs Linkedin

What a topic. Is Linkedin or Facebook better for engagement? Let's take a look at this from a Business to Business perspective. The results may surprise you. Before we dive into this topic let us start by saying it is important to have a presence on both networks. It is also important to work [...]

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The SDM Interview Show – Episode 2 Cyberbullying with Scott Mills

Today we are truly privileged and honoured to have my good friend Constable Scott Mills with us to have an unrehearsed conversation about cyberbullying. Scott is a good friend and social media officer for Toronto Police.

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Episode 1 of the SDM Interview Show – Jeff Brown and Rob Cairns Discuss Learning for Social Media and WordPress

Rob Cairns and his guest Jeff Brown from AlphaSocialMedia Inc. discuss things you need to learn for Social Media and WordPress,

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Am I Wasting My Time With Google Plus

The Answer Is No Google Plus Matters This is such a loaded question. The real answer is it depends! It depends? Now come on Rob you know better that is a wishy-washy answer. You can do better than that. Before you all jump all up and down let me explain. Google created Google Plus [...]

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