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Google Plus Photo Stories

The more and more I use Google Plus, the more I like it.  There are many compelling features such as Google Hangouts that work really well. Hangouts is my favorite Google Plus feature. Google Plus has a new feature that I really like. It is called Photo Stories. Photo Stories takes photos that are uploaded [...]

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They Get Social Media – 311 Toronto

  Last night I wrote about a company Pizza Pizza who really does not get social media. Tonight I want to talk about an organization that does. It might surprise you who that is - 311 Toronto. Both Kelli and I have tweeted at 311 before and we have had an amazing response. For those [...]

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Why Social Media is the Complaint Sounding Board

  Complaints on social media are not anything new but big brands need to be listening. Some companies do a great job at handling them and some companies do not do a good job. The issue is complaints should never get to social media in the first place. I always try and give the benefit [...]

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