Episode 127: Talking Web Security With Owen Greaves

By |2021-09-20T10:41:56-04:00January 11th, 2021|The SDM Show|

Show Notes Episode 127 Talking Web Security with Owen Greaves   00:00 Hey everyone, Robert Cairns here with the STM show. In today's episode, I sit down with my good friend Oleg Greaves who owns a web hosting company by the name of Billy host. And he, I should tell you, it's my web host [...]

Episode 3:The State of Web Design for 2019 With Owen Greaves

By |2021-10-11T13:15:39-04:00December 31st, 2018|WordPress|

Show Notes Good afternoon, everybody, Rob Cairns, CEO and Chief Creator of making ideas that stunning digital marketing calm. I'm glad you could join me for today's chat with Owen Greaves. Owen and I have known each other for over 10 years on a multitude of internet platforms even before social media became fashionable, now [...]

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