It Happened to Me – I Was Hacked!

  The last while I have been educating my clients, business owner and social media friends the value of paying someone to manage their website who has the knowledge, tools and expertise to help your business recover from an online hack on your website. My latest theory is "It's Not If You Will Get Hacked [...]

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How I Saved My Online Presence

My online web site, this website was in trouble this week. My website was down. If you are online and your website goes down that is the kiss of death. Your website needs to be up and it needs to be online. Last week I did major updates to my website. Wordpress 3.6 came out [...]

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Why I Love Headway So Much

Many people ask me all the time why do you use Headway to develop in. For those of who who do not know, Headway is a WordPres Development framework. The key reason is support. The dynamic team of Clay/Grant Griffiths and everyone who works for Headway gets it. They realize that support matters. Today I [...]

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Phase 1 of Website Upgrade Completed

I have finally started our web site upgrade. The good news is phase 1 of the web site upgrade is completed. Check out our logo with an updated picture at the top of the blog. Phase one was moving my site from Headway 2.13 to Headway 3.2.5. Since their is no automatic upgrade, the work [...]

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