Losing a Great Hero

  Three weeks ago I lost one of my heroes on my Dad's Birthday, Jean Beliveau. Despite not seeing him play live, Jean retired in 1971 and I was born in 1967. I actually probably saw him play but I do not remember watching him. What I do know is the legend, the videos and [...]

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A Nation Still Grieving

As I write this I am a little numb and yet very reflective. This past week we lost two Canadian Soldiers in what I consider Terrorist type attacks on home soil. Solider Patrice Vincent was run down not far from Montreal. This was a deliberate attack on him that cost him his life. Nathan Cirillio [...]

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Phone Solution Cutting The Landline Cord

For many years Kelli and I have not had a traditional landline in our house. For a long time we both had cell phones and a majicjack as a VOIP line. This has worked really well for a long time. About a year ago Rogers started making avilable making cell phone packages that were truly [...]

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