Episode 310: Why Tik Tok Should Not Be Banned

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Rob Cairns talk about why Tik Tok should not be banned.

Show Highlights:

  1. Privacy Issues With Tik Tok.
  2. We Should Ban All Tech From China.
  3. Charge Cards Are The Worst For Privacy.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again and today’s podcast, I want to talk about. TikTok. And there seems to be a trend in both Canada and the US where government agencies are banning TikTok from devices. And the argument is privacy. I have a bit of a bit of a different take on this one. There’s worse things out there than TikTok, for example. Did you know the biggest ones that invade our privacy is Visa, MasterCard.

They’ve been tracking our buying habits for years and selling those habits. And if you want. To go one more with TikTok, the argument always is. Its own parsey by the Chinese government. And I was one who said originally I don’t want anything to do with TikTok because it’s owned by the Chinese government. Well, I’ve changed my take on that just a little bit lately. When you think about it. 95% of the electronics we buy come out of China Smart TV’s, computer parts and more. And frankly, I think these devices. Or is just a much? And the impact towards her privacy as TikTok itself. So if we really want to take a stand. Against China and what they’re doing, we should ban. All devices that are electronic coming from China. And you know why we won’t do that? The reality is, if these goods were produced in North America. The cost would go up to four to five times. Apple is already looking at bringing some MacBook production and iPhone production back into the US. The problem is, the experts have said the cost of Labor will go way up and the cost of materials will go up. So all the time we get into this discussion. Privacy versus cost. And I, for one, would rather. Pay for the extra cost and have the devices.

So I’ve changed my stance a little bit. If you don’t like TikTok and you’re concerned about your privacy that much, don’t use it. But if you do like TikTok. Keep using it. It’s that simple. We’re banning it from devices and going further and maybe banning it from the whole US or Canada is a bad idea for these exact reasons. So if you’re gonna do that, just ban all the devices and be done with it. Like really? It’s time these governments start playing the half in and half out when it suits them and doesn’t suit them. But what do you expect politicians to do in this day and age anyway? That seems to be how they roll. And they’re uneducated when it comes to technology, so that adds to the problem even more. So that’s my two cents on that one. Don’t man TikTok. Because as I said, you might as well ban every device from China. Rob Karen’s founder, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. Talking about why TikTok should not be banned in North America have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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