Episode 271: Why I Charge For Discovery Calls

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Rob Cairns talks about what he charge his clients for discovery charge.  Rob outlines how his agency determines when they start charging for calls.

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Hi All  Rob here again.

So today I want to talk a little bit about discovery calls, what a discovery call is for?

And frankly why I charge for them so in my in agency stunning digital marketing.

I generally will jump on a 15 minute discovery call with a potential new client.

That’s it.

And you say a lot of people say, ah, that’s not good, that’s cheesy, that’s not enough.

I would begin to differ.

15 minutes usually gives me a.

Good idea of what the client is, who the client is, what the client has in terms of a budget, and what they’re prepared to pay.

And then.

I’ll dive into a little bit about the business and find out if they really, really, really.

Want to move forward?

And then typically what will happen is client will start asking really specifics.

And that’s where I kind of draw the line.

Once we start getting into all those specifics, really where we’re headed is a consulting call.

And this is the reason why I typically give most clients 15 or 20 minutes to jump on a quick discovery call and that’s the end of it.

No ifs, no ands, no butts.

And any discovery call that I do requires an upfront payment.

And then I’ll roll that into the price of the project if required.

And one of the other reasons I start doing this is I found that I’ve been doing this song.

I’m so good at it that clients would often take the information I gave them and go elsewhere or shop it around, or the knowledge I gave them.

And I’ve made that mistake.

And frankly, my time’s worth money and why do I want to spend 2 hours on the phone with a potential client?

Well, there’s no benefit to me in the end, and the reality is that’s being paid for what I’m good at and what I do.

So I typically.

As I say, keep paid discovery calls to 1520 minutes Max. In my schedule they only are allowed to book 15 minutes.

And then.

If you want anymore, you have to pay and you pay upfront even before we go into that call.

And I’ve had clients where I’ll actually say you wanna go longer, we can go longer.

I’ve got time in my schedule.

I’ll send you a payment link right now and you can just pay for that time.

And then we’ll move forward.

Now the other benefit to paying for it is the client gets say.

Audio video recording of that call typically done on zoom or Google meet, so that’s the other factor.

So This is why I charge for discovery calls.

I think it’s a better process and.

Rob Caron, CEO and chief creative amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing talking today why you should charge for Discovery calls.

Have a great day.

Bye for now.

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