Episode 209: WordFence Trolls

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Rob Cairns talks about how WordFence trolled Godaddy in the Security space.

Show Highlights:

  1. How the article had lots of bad information in it.
  2. How WordFence did not follow proper security disclosure.
  3. How this could have been handled.

Show Notes

 Rob Cairns here I’m the founder, CEO, and chief creator of amazing ideas, at Sunning Digital Marketing

I entitled it Wordfence trolls and the reason I really wanted to talk and talk about an article that came out this past week where, frankly, Wordfence.

Took on GoDaddy or tried to call GoDaddy out and I have really really big issue with the way this article was.

And I need to sort of degres it, and I sort of want.

To break it.

Down a little bit for you, the article was entitled the increase in malware sightings on GoDaddy managed hosting.

I would also strongly disagree with word fences.

Assessment of what went on.

First of all, I don’t.

Truthfully, think Wordfence followed proper disclosure protocol.

They should have.

Let GoDaddy know and adhere to a 30 day protocol which they didn’t do once again, and part of the problem I have with that is I think Wordfence was off to generate clicks on the article.

Yeah they got mine and they got my reaction, but I don’t think they’re doing the community any good and I need to call Mark.

Marauder and his team out frankly for not helping the community and just writing rubbish to try and generate revenue.

And at the end of the day, that’s what Mark is doing.

He’s trying to just generate revenue you don’t think carefully helps the community.

It’s funny I’m looking at his blog right now as a record this and there was nothing about the free meus debacle and on his blog and the Free Miss Tobacco was over 400.

Plus impact to plugins and not one word for Mark.

And that is just as bad an issue.

But the reason he didn’t address that is frankly, there’s nothing he could have done about it, and there’s no money to be made.

And I have to go there and I really have to go with the way he’s impacted the commune.

It must be said that Wordfence has their own cleaning service and they’ve launched it recently.

Basically a web care type Security Service.

And that’s why he wrote this article for no other reason. He could have taken the name GoDaddy out and inserted any other host and the back door issues probably would have been just.

Sites need to be kept updated.

Site owners need to keep their sites updated.

And it needs to be done properly.

And frankly, at the end of the day, I’m actually appalled.

And absurd by somebody in the security space.

And the company who keeps conducting themselves this way.

They should have the Community interest first, but obviously.

The Wordfence team doesn’t see it that way for me.

They are no longer a trusted source.

There are almost a who cares source anymore.

And when a company starts to leave trust that I can’t rely on that matters to me in my business.

And Wordfence you’ve hit that point.

The way you handled this was wrong.

You should have reached out to people.

You should had conversations you should have tried to help the community.

This problem has been a hosting problem for a long long time, and as I said, you could have taken the GoDaddy name out.

Imported any other.

Name folks the number one way you can protect your website is 8.

Keep your software up to date.

B, have strong passwords and C have backups and make sure you can restore those backups.

Most people do not test their backups, and that’s a bigger problem.

But nowhere did was that address that maybe we should have strong backups and what we should do to hard insights.

I I hate to say it folks.

The Wordfence team really did it this time and as far as I’m concerned they’re just trolling for clicks.

And trolling for many other things.

That’s my two cents.

This is a personal opinion piece.

Which I’m in title.

A long time ago I had a lot of faith in the word fence system, but I don’t anymore and I haven’t for a long time and frankly I haven’t used it for a long time, ’cause they simply don’t trust him.

So my thoughts on Wordfence.

I think there are trolls that think they wrote an article that was click baiting.

Maybe it worked for them, but if for me I wouldn’t be going near them as my security provider.

Rob Cairns, CEO, chief, creative amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Bye for now.


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