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Why We Are All In With Google and Microsoft

At we are all in with 2 companies. They have products that we use day in and day out. These two companies are Microsoft and Google. Many people say why are you all in - the answer is very simply integration. Let's start with Microsoft. Our laptops are Windows 10 based and we [...]

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Regulation is Coming to Social Media

Regulation is coming to social media very soon. There is a pile of factors which are driving pending regulation. They include the Facebook data scandal as well as the latest YouTube advertising controversy. Let us start by saying that Facebook and YouTube did nothing illegal. Currently the social media space is not regulated. [...]

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Google Helpouts Is No More

  This week I received an email from the Google Help Outs Team. It stated that Google Helpouts was closing done. The email is as follows:   ________________ Hi Robert, We have some sad news to share with you today: Helpouts will be shutting down onApril 20th, 2015. While this announcement was just     [...]

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Google Plus Photo Stories

The more and more I use Google Plus, the more I like it.  There are many compelling features such as Google Hangouts that work really well. Hangouts is my favorite Google Plus feature. Google Plus has a new feature that I really like. It is called Photo Stories. Photo Stories takes photos that are uploaded [...]

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