Episode 178: Amazing Customer Service From Goemans

Show Summary Rob Cairns talks about how Goemans provided amazing customer service, Show Highlights: There Inside Advantage. The entire process.  How amazing the process was. Show Notes Hi Everybody, Rob here again. So today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about a cut a company that excels. And that’s called Goemans appliances. And let me sort…


Episode 177: The 2021 WordPress Weekly Awards

Show Summary Rob Cairns sits down with Davinder Singh Kanith and discusses the 2021 WordPress Weekly Awards. Show Highlights: Who won and lost. Analysis of each category. Surprises in each category. Who were the top vote-getters? Diversity in WordPress. Show Notes   Morning everybody. It’s Rob Cairns here today I’m here with Davinder Singh Kanith….


Episode 176: 2021 Social Media Year in Review With Jeff Brown

Show Summary Rob Cairns sits down to talk to Jeff Brown to talk about the year 2021 in Social Media. Show Highlights: The Year in review. Social Media Trends. Free Speech on Social Media. Our thoughts looking forward to 2022. Show Notes     Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. We are live this morning…