Episode 317: Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

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Rob Cairns talks about how to get over Imposter Syndrome.

Show Highlights:

  1. What is imposter syndrome?
  2. How to get over imposter syndrome.
  3. Practice and being prepared helps.

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Rob Cairns

Rob here again today as I mentioned I want to talk about a question that came up when I did my presentation last month at Pod Camp Toronto and that was imposter syndrome do I belong should I be presenting. How do I go about presenting am I an expert and let’s start with the first thing and that is do you born. So my answer that would be yes if your talk was accepted and the organizers accepted your talk you. Belong and you need to get over that and the best way to get over that is preparation take the time to plan out your presentation the right way. So for me, what always takes the time. Is preparing out the slide deck my powerpoint side of it. The materials easy. My slide deck I spend hours and hour hours and hour hours because I’m a bit of a perfectionist preparing and making shirts right? Frankly I want my audience to have a takeaway. That’s a good reference material. What I always do with the slide deck is I also had a reference document which list links to everything I talk about in the deck I make it easy I post that on my website I tell people how to get at it.



Rob Cairns

And then then download the information afterwards so that type of preparation makes life way easier. Also knowing your material making sure you get numbers right? and percentage is right and making sure you have those numbers that takes a little bit of research, but that’s nothing. Worth worrying about those are all keys in my books. The other thing to help you get around imposter syndrome is confidence and the way you prepare for confidence in the talk is preparation and preparation means prac. And I always suggest to people you should prepare and practice in front of a full length mirror. The first couple times that way you get comfortable with yourself and if you’re comfortable with yourself. There’s nothing going on out in the audience that’s going to make or break your talk. So preparations keep also think about some questions that your audience might ask I know when I did my podcast presentation I opened the floor to anything about podcasting and I did that on purpose frankly because. I wanted to be able to help people and if people wanted to ask more than was in my talk I was more than willing to help them as I’ve produced over 300 episodes and that is a big deal and then just to talk about what you’re passionate about.



Rob Cairns

That’s the other key all of these things I’m talking about will help you get through imposter syndrome remember you are an expert you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t and that is so much the key. Rob karen ceo founder and chief creator amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing talking about how to get over imposter syndrome have great day or bye bye for now.

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