Episode 301: The Year of the Vulnerability

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why 2023 will be the year of the vulnerability.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why 2023 will be the year of the vulnerability.
  2. Companies that have been compromised.
  3. How you can protect your website.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again. I wanted to. Talk about a little bit today about why dubbed 2023 the year of the vulnerability. It’s interesting that over Christmas we had the LastPass tobacco and we’ve lost. We’ve watched LastPass rise and fall from grace due to security issues. A password manager that was hacked. A big problem. And it just seems to have continued in the 2023. So let me give you some examples. Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto University Health network in Toronto. The LCBO Liquor Control Board in Ontario. T-Mobile in the US, Google Five in the US and the list goes. On and on. The point I’m making is these are companies that have. Big IT departments. And they protect their websites and they try hard to protect them. What happens to the small entrepreneur who’s got a business site, an e-commerce site and he does a DIY do-it-yourself website? It’s a bit of a problem, frankly, because most small entrepreneurs don’t know how to lock down websites or what they need to do. So let me jump in and kind of tell you what you should do first of all. You should have a backup to your website on a regular basis. Second of all, you should test those backups to make sure you can restore them. The third thing you need to do is keep your website up to date. That means plugins WordPress core, the core software for the CMS and more. The fourth thing installed two factor authentication on all your websites. That way you need the password and another factor to get in. And by the way, we do know two. We know 2FA is not. 100% effective because there’s some issues now. With Facebook’s two FA being bypassed, but it certainly helps. In an earlier podcast. I also talked about the use of a password manager and Kathy’s ants trick, and that’s to add some letters or numbers consistently to each password that aren’t in your password manager. That way, if your password manager gets hacked, you’re still protected. For example, a password of orange 1234, and then we add the words Montreal, 2-3 pound at the end of every password. So that would help. And so on. And lastly. But certainly not least, you might want to employ a security professional to help you lock down your WordPress website. Because frankly, you can no longer do it on your own, and you should be on the security maintenance plan. If I can help you, please reach out via VIP at stunning digitalmarketing.com. I’d be glad. To help you lock down your website and put you on a security maintenance plan and take the worry away from you. I’ve always had a saying my in my business it’s no longer if you’ll be hacked, it’s when and how do you recover. And as I started off this podcast, the number one thing is backups and the ability to restore. Just some food for thought today. Rob Karen, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas and founder at stunning digital marketing. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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