Security The Second Half Of November

IThemes does an amazing security roundup every month. This month they identified a numberĀ  of security issues. Please make sure that you update your plugins. Always take a backup of your website first. Click Here to Read the Article

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September 2019 Security Updates From IThemes

IThemes released a list of security issues for WordPress plugins on there blog. Please click here to read these vunerabilities. Always do a backup before you update your WordPress site and test your site after you update the plugins.

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WordPress Security Updates the First Half of August

IThemes has put out a blog postĀ  mentioning the WordPress Security Updates for the first part of Aug 2019. This post includes themes and plugins with vunerabilities. Please make sure you updated your Themes and Plugins after doing a backup. Click here to read the blog post.

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Security Issues in July

One of the ways we keep track of security issues is by reading security blogs. We are going to start to link to security issues on other companies blogs on the StunningDigitalMarketing.com blog to help you the reader out. Ithemes reported multiple security issues in the month of July including 17 in the last [...]

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