Livefyre For Community Comments is No More

I have been a long time user of Livefyre WordPress comments. In the last year, the service was bought by Adobe. One of the changes Adobe is making, is they are no longer offering community comments. Fortunately, Livefyre stores all your comments locally and on their servers so it is easy to migrate to a [...]

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Why Blog?

  Every day small business owners ask me why they should blog? My first question back is "Why Not? " Blogging has many advantages for the business owner. They include the following: Showing you are an expert. Displaying your talents and skills. Drawing readers and viewers to your website. Contributing to a community to help [...]

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A Nation Still Grieving

As I write this I am a little numb and yet very reflective. This past week we lost two Canadian Soldiers in what I consider Terrorist type attacks on home soil. Solider Patrice Vincent was run down not far from Montreal. This was a deliberate attack on him that cost him his life. Nathan Cirillio [...]

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Talking a Break

The last few months has been personally challenging for me. There are a large number of factors which include in no particular order: My business, Kelli's health, community projects, family issues, friends issues and over all lifestyle. IN it all I cut back my time blogging and on social media dramatically. Did I need the [...]

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