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WordPress Security and Hosting Services

It is no longer possible to guarntee that a website will not be hacked. The key in today’s changing landscape that if you are hacked – How do you recover efficently and quickly. We all know that times is money.

The team at StunningDigitalMarketing will take the appropriate steps to ensure the chances of your website being hacked are minimized. We also setup regular backups and keep these backups offline. Once backups are setup, we test them to make sure the restore functionality works. The reason for this is that your backup is only as good as the ability to restore it.

The reason for keeping the backups offline is so if the website is compromised, the backups are not.

You need to think of a security mainterance package as insurance for your website. Think of the cost to you if you have to rebuild your website and the potential loss of time and damage to your businesses reputation. This type of damage might not be reparable,

We Offer the following Security Services:

  1. Weekly Offsite Backups
  2. Weekly software updates to the website.
  3. One restore to show the website can be restored.
  4. Online documentation showing what was done.
  5. 2 hours of Mainteance Assistance on your Website per month.
Cost is $55 CAD a month = $660 CAD Per Year

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