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This Week’s Episode Robert Cairns Talks Project Management Tools:

Good day everybody. Welcome to the With Our CEO Podcast. This podcast is a production of – your leader for all your Digital Marketing Needs.

Today I want to talk about why we gave up Project Management Software. Frankly, we have tried it all. Our latest venture was into the world of Notion. Before that it was Trello.

I found a couple of things. These solutions are extremely slow on mobile. We also found that my agency was spending more time managing the project management software than doing the work. Frankly, it was a waste of time.

This is also coming from someone who has his PMI. And please do not suggest that we use MS Project because that is not going to happen. I have been down that road in health care when I was a project lead and I am not going there again.

So you might wonder how do we know to manage our projects? We now keep all projects in a master Google Doc and the updates associated with them. Google Docs is easy to use and manage even on a mobile device.

There you have it. Our quick and easy project management solution. Have an amazing day everyone! Chow for now.


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