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everybody welcome to the with our CEO podcast where the CEO Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas StunningDigitalMarketing.com Rob Cairns talks about digital marketing, web design, work for security, branding, business life and more. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and welcome to this week’s episode.

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Hi All it’s Rob Cairns CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas StunningDigitalMarketing.com. How’s everybody doing on this amazing Friday? I just wanted to jump on of Facebook Live and have a conversation, one around SEO and wander around. Do you need an SEO plugin for your WordPress site? Where this

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idea came from? This was a heated discussion in one of the content groups last night about SEO plugins and what people used and how they use them.

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So let’s break this down. And by the way, no name calling in the comments. It was enough for that last night. Nope, no complaining. No nothing. The what? What we wanted some constructive discussion here. First thing is that

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are many, many SEO guys. Big Shot, Neil comes to mind backlink ko comes to mind. The all the sites do is create links. And if you ever look at them, the only words that they ever rank for are the words SEO. That’s nice. But give me a real life case, give me a case outside of the SEO round, give me a business case, show me can rank for manufacturing, web design,

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retail jewelry, and so on. That really matters. And that’s the problem I have with those guys. Number one, number two, I’m going to call big shot, kneel out, I’m not going to be made a very happy guy. But we all know many of us in the field. And in the design field, he doesn’t write his own content. So despite all he claims, he doesn’t do his own content. You guys gotta remember that. So let’s break it down.

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What matters for SEO?

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First of all, proper keyword research. Number one, use the tool choose when you like. I can use a traps and sem rush. Shout out to the folks of sem rush to coming in Toronto two weeks today to do a road show looking forward to being that

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30 tools I prefer.

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Do your competitors research see what word your competitors are ranking for? they matter because then you can write and compete with your competitors proper.

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h1 tags matter, optimizing images matter, site speed matters. And by the way for local search, you know what else really matters?

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Google My Business pages if you don’t have one, the best tip of the day is go get one and go get one now and optimize. I rank really well locally for

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My area for local search because I built Google My Business Page. So that talks about those. Now let’s get on to the heated discussion of SEO plugins. Do you need one? Do you not need one? The answer is you can actually SEO your site without an SEO plugin. But remember, the SEO plugin is a tool. And at the end of the day, the tools are designed to make your life as a web designer a little easier.

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And, you know, at the end of the day, that is what matters.

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So because it’s a tool to make your life easy, why you wouldn’t use it. Frankly, it’s no different than a WordPress designer using a page builder to save them from writing CSS code. That’s what an SEO plugin is for. Now, that all said

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If you feed the tool, bad information, and garbage in, guess what? You’re going to get garbage out. So, I personally use SEO press. I really liked the plugin. I like how it functions. I like how it works. A lot of people actually like to use Yost, and I’m going to take on Yost. The problem I have with Yost is the whole traffic light concept. Let’s work and get our traffic lights all green. Well, guess what, folks? If you’re ranking for the wrong keywords, and your traffic lights are green, they might as well be red garbage in, garbage out. So there are people and I mean this sincerely, and their number one mission in life is to get those traffic lights green on us. That’s the wrong way to do it.

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Go back to the fundamentals, your h1 tags, your site optimization, your speed, and even your copy.

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My good friend Todd Jones is a copywriter. Shout out to Todd will tell you a copy matters headlines the matter. That all really matters, things like time on page matter. So what I’m trying to tell you folks is go ahead and install your favorite SEO plugin whether you want to use Yost, not my choice, SEO prior press, excuse me rank math, whatever you want to use

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and use them as a tool. But if you don’t know how to use the tool, it says bad as having nothing. So go back and learn the principles of SEO properly.

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You might want to check out my friend Brandon Halfords courses. He’s amazing. Listen to some of the podcasts he’s been on, talks about how to do SEO. And, but

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learn how to do SEO properly. then learn how to use the tool

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Once you do that, then your SEO succeeds. Robert Cairns

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SEO stunning digital marketing com. If I can help you any way please drop me a line at VIP at studying digital marketing. com after all, you’re all VIP. jump on over to our website, check out our offerings, and we put God to help you any way we can have a great day. Bye. And a great weekend. Bye for now.

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Thank you for listening to the with our CEO podcast. This podcast is a presentation of studying digital marketing. com. This podcast is now available on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, anchor and Stitcher. Please tell your friends and colleagues about this great podcast. For more information please visit our website at stunning digital marketing com or

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spout ca IR ns on Twitter. This podcast is dedicated to late father Bruce Cairns.

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Keep working to make your business succeed. And don’t forget, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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