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Everybody welcome to the with our CEO podcast where the CEO chief creator of Amazing Ideas at Rob Cairns talks about digital marketing, web design, work for security, branding, business life and more. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and welcome to this week’s episode.

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Hey Rob Cairns CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas of what stunning digital marketing com here. Today I want to talk about a subject that really, really matters. And that’s called is the internet all bad?

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And the reality of it is the internet is like any other tool out there. It can be good and it can be bad. And let me time in explaining give you my take. There’s always going to be people that use the internet to cyber bully others and bully them. There’s always going to be gangs that use the internet to peddle their wares is always going to be fraudsters out there. to defraud people. That’s always going to happen. But what so those are some of the negatives, viruses, issues like that.

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And but let’s look at the good of the internet. I’ve been online

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for profit

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Over 25 years, I started on CompuServe. I then went to a service called Delphi. I then graduated into BBs bulletin board systems with 128 bought 110 baud modem, then two or 300 baud modem. And now I’m on high speed and this is what I do for a living. So right away, there’s a good I have a way of providing income and something I’m passionate but the other reason it’s really good is to look at the people and the friends of

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people like the Kim Doyle’s of the world to keep like the diviner defenders 10 cams to the word sorry, defender if I messed up your name a little bit.

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The people like my, my good friend, Trevor current, and other people who I talked to on a regular, regular basis.

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cod Jones

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So I have many conversations with all in Greece out in Vancouver. And not to mention to my really good friends, really great friends, Jeff Brown in Toronto, Nova Scotia and my good friend, Scott Mills, the social media police officer for Chronicles.

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This is all because of the internet. And that is made my world a better place. And I want to carry one more story

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forward with you. That’s really important.

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21 years ago, I met a lady on the internet. And her name was Joe.

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And we dated for off and on for some period of time. And at the time, she had two young girls, and I had a young boy, both from previous relationships.

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And frankly,

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timing just wasn’t there. life wasn’t there. There was lots going on.

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And we stayed this really good friends. And we’ve got together periodically and talk periodically chatted and emailed.

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And then, three years ago, some magic.

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And Joe and I started seeing each other again.

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We got engaged.

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And we got married. We got married August 8th

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2017 in Niagara Falls. So we’ve been married a year and a half, got married at 49 years old. Jill and I originally met in the Yahoo chat group.

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you know, long before internet dating was rage and fashionable. And we met in the chat room.

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So, the point is,

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is the internet all that while from my life perspective is actually pretty good. And that by way, fine line

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I’ve met many friends online, I go to conferences I use email on the internet to stay up to date with friends and family. Yeah, there’s the constant complaining the whining. But that’s just a fact of life. You know that happens no matter whether we are online or offline.

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So before you think the internet so bad, listen to some of those stories that are talked about today.

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Enjoy them, take them in

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and you decide and frankly if you think it’s all bad, starting to get offline and go do something else. Robert Cairns

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stunning digital marketing. com, the digital agency to help you fulfill your website design and WordPress security needs. Talk to us if you need anything. Bye for now.

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Keep working to make your business succeed. And don’t forget, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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